Featured Artist Friday!

Whew!!!!! I am SO happy it's Friday! I am also sooo happy I had more than one person in line for the featured artist this week! Hooray! :) :) That makes me smile so big it hurts! hehehe  I love it!  I work tomorrow (it's my darn Saturday to work, boo) so I am off early today and I wanted to get this up soI can get to my nail challenges since I missed one again and need to do two! Work is making me such a nail slacker... ouch! This post is not about me though, it is all about this weeks Featured Artist, which happens to be someone that I completely and totally admire in the nail world because I have not seen a bad mani out of her yet!


Renee sent me her favorite mani and she was nominated by Heather LaSalle for the the first mani I will show you. Renee just always has perfect nails every darn time she shows a photo they look like they should be on a billboard. Spectacular I tell you! Her cuticles are a whole other story!

Renee, can you just text message me every time you put something on your cuticles so I can do it too? Then maybe I can make mine look as perfect as yours! ;) Does that work for you? haha! (No really, I would totes go for that, hahahahaha)

I bet you want  to see the nails now, so here you go!

This mani photo was nominated by Heather LaSalle and she said this about it: "This mani jumped out at me when she originally posted it, and was the first thing I thought of when I saw this post on the nail group.  The multicolor stamping is really pretty, and her nails and cuticles are amazing overall, a great mani."
I agree with Heather, this IS a great mani! The colors stamped over black are beautiful! I'm not positive but guessing they are some of the China Glaze bohemian collection colors??

This is the mani the Renee sent in and she said this about it: "This is my favorite mani that I've done to date. I did this because I was meeting my daughters Kindergarten teacher for the first time.  I wanted to convey fun but serious at the same time..I think I accomplished that. it's CG Ingrid and WnW Fergie Glow Stick"
 YES! This mani is SO fun! I love the colors and the double, double (does that make sense, lol) accent nails! Way to go, girl! ;)

Renee, you totally rock the casbah, woman! I love the crap outta your nails!!! hehe :)

 Now that I have you all drooling over Renee's nails, snap out of it and get your submissions in for Featured Artist Friday and then get your buns over here every Friday to see who the next artist is!

It could be YOU! Go do it HERE, pretty please? (with sugar on top?)



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Congrats, Renee!!!

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