Got me some BLING!

Yep, got me some Ninja Polish -Eye Candy and I am going to be showing off that bling here today because it's gorgeous!  It technically was one of the first (of 3) indie polishes I bought. I bought this one along with "Spooky Floam" and "Howl at the Moon" and I still haven't tried the other two. Well I tried them on my nails immediately when I got them, but I haven't had the chance to wear them yet. My daughter has though! :)

So first of all I will tell you I had no issues whatsoever with bald spots in covering my nails with this polish. Awesomeness!! I only used one coat on my nails and didn't need to go back anywhere to catch a baldie. It went on so nicely I was VERY impressed! I did shake it an extra lot before putting it on knowing from experience that some polishes just need that, but I don't actually know if this one does. It does have a textured feeling to it when dry even after one coat of seche vite but for some reason I love that feeling on my nails, so I am happy with it. Dry time was really quick as well, extra bonus!  Overall I am superbly happy with this polish and I would def buy it again! Lovin the bling!
All images below are one coat of Ninja Polish "Eye Candy" over Sinful Colors "Rain Storm"

*Click the pictures to see them larger*

 The ones above were in the sun, this one below is in low lighting in my bathroom.
 You can get this AH-MAZING polish at Ninja Polish, along with a butt load of other fantastical polishes! 

Hope you enjoyed the pics and are having a great week so far!

Mombo Monday!

I am getting the post ready before bed so that it will post in the morning, and I am super tired since I went out for Halloween in my hometown Saturday with my hubby, my little sister and her friend (they went as Milli Vanilli and looked hilariously awesome and took first place in the costume contest, too!). Then my hubby stayed at my dads with the kids and I stayed at Mombo's with my sister and Erica and we had a slumber party! lol Not quite like the old days though, because we used to be able to stay up super late and this time Erica fell asleep in the middle of us telling stories, Tai (my sister) got up and disappeared and then we realized she was in bed. So Mombo and I were the last two standing and she was going to bed. Weird! I was the last one standing and I was still ready to "slumber party" but everyone was sleeping. lol So I went to bed at 4:30am (which is 3:30am my time) and got up at 11. haha Either way, I got to see my fam and that was great! :) BUT, I am tired because I am not used to being out drinking and then staying up late like that!  Am I getting old, or what? :P  At least I didn't get hungover!  So I can't be too old! hahaha

On to Mombo's nails!!!
 This was a new technique for her! Brush stroke ombre. "10" Professional Old Hollywood, SH white, Essie Sew Psyched, SC Leap Flog, OPI Thanks a Windmillion and Fingerpaints Tough Art to Follow
I told her it looked like it was hard and way too much work, and she said it actually wasn't hard at all and was quick! So if you like this look, google a tutorial and do it up! I think it's sweet shiz! ;)

Mombo used "10" Professional in Moonlight and Revlon Colorstay in Blue Slate
Very cool stripey marble!  I don't think I could do it, but I wish I could! I love this look! Although, looking at it, it really makes me feel like she used a LOT of nail polish for that marble! I hate wasting polish, I'm such a nerd...

Gradient! Zoya: Caitlin, Carey and Megan
 Do you know how many times I have tried to do a gradient? For some reason it just doesn't work for me, so I am pretty jealous when I see all the people that can do that. :P Nice, Mombo! 

PS: Glad we got to have a slumber party Saturday, Mombo! It was almost like the old days when I didn't live with you but practically stayed over every night and we stayed up all night watching lame movies and being dorks! hehehe LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope you all have a great week!

Doublin up on the October Challenge!

Yep, as usual I missed the weekday posting of the challenge mani and am posting two for you today!  I am seriously feeling like a horrible challenge slacker! :( Why are weekdays so hard for challenges? I know why! Because when I get home from work it's dinner, help kids with homework, spend a little time with the kids before they go to bed, do whatever needs to be done around the house and then TV time with hubby before it's off to slumber-land! Weekends are much easier, so I have two today and then there is only one day left of the challenge after these two! I will do that one on the 30th so I can have Halloween nails for work! hehe So I will have that one posted on the right day, weird! ;)

Here's my challenge post for the 25th, Mummy!
I used a black base and then stamped with the BM-309 plate (that is like wood planks) Sinful Colors "Snow Me White" in multiple layers trying to make it look "wrapped". Then used the dotting tool to make eyes with WnW Black and Sinful Colors Hot Hot Heat.

Here's my challenge nails for today, the 28th, for which the theme is Halloween Character.  It seemed to me that a lot of people were doing Frankenstein and he was my original plan until I saw that was also the plan of many other people. haha So I went with a spin on one I saw my mombo do and that I have seen a lot of others do as well, but couldn't tell you specifically who as I just saw them as I was perusing blogs or pinterest.  I don't *think* I am exactly copying anyone, but if I am it is unintentional.  I just know I have seen it multiple times with many different versions of mouths and eyes and noses and blah, blah, blah... I just wanted to try it so I did. lol!
Colors used are Sinful Colors "Happy Ending", Kleancolor "Metallic Orange", Sinful Colors "Gone Platinum" and Ulta "Sun-Sational".

Here's the links to check out the rest of the awesome challenge mani's! :)


Featured Artist Friday!

Hooray for Fridays!  It's that fun day of the week where someone out there gets a special day of attention on the blog! :) Love it!

Today's featured artist is none other than the wonderful...


Besides Martha having beautiful nails, she has a beautiful personality as well! She always has a kind word to say and can make you smile no matter what.  Martha is just an all around great lady and being in the nail fun group with her and getting to know her has been so fun! :)

Martha was nominated by Norma for this gorgeous red mani below! I am not sure what polish it is, but how beautiful are her hands? The red def looks great on those pretty hands and I am jealous of how nice and soft they look. 

I also found a mani of Martha's that I thought very was gorgeous, just simple black and white is very elegant and the way Martha did this mani is just awesome! Love the dotting!
Sinful colors black and white

Now that you have oogled Martha's nails for a bit, do you have an idea in mind for a mani you want to see featured here on Friday? I hope so!  Get your submissions in for Featured Artist Friday and then get your buns over here every Friday to see who the next artist is!

It could be YOU! Go do it HERE, pretty please? (with sugar on top?)

Have a great weekend!

I have 62 followers! :) Yay!

Just got a little excited that I have 62 followers right now, and truly I haven't really "pimped myself out" all that much or ran a contest or done much that was insanely exciting to get people here. So I am sort of feeling really great at the moment about that! :) It may be my goofiness or writing style brought people in, or Mombo's nails, or Featured Artist Friday, or the giveaway posts I post for other giveaways...  I am guessing it wasn't my nail posts because there has been a serious lack of nail posts from me lately, all that I have posted have been my October challenge nails. I apologize for that, but hopefully I will have more as work gets less crazy! ;)

The whole reason for the post tonight was that I just wanted to say THANK YOU to each and every one of you out there reading/looking at my blog! I appreciate it soooo much! I am totes smiling ear to ear right now because I just can't believe that there are 61 people out there that even came to my blog! hehe :) Thanks a billion times! *MUAH* 

Also, I just wanted to put my other social media info out here in case anyone wants to follow those.
Click on the buttons below to find my twitter, facebook, and pinterest!

So that's all for tonight, it's time to relax and hopefully get this headache down a notch... I am pretty sure laptop light isn't going to help if I keep looking at it!

Mombo Monday!!

It's Mombo Monday! :) My favorite day of the week! hehe It's my favorite because I didn't have to do any of the hard work and I love showing off my Mombo's nails! I am not going to write much this time though because I have 4 mani's to show off and I have to do my October challenge post (which has 3 challenge days on it because I was slacking again, whoops!)

Mombo was rocking it out again last week because of the nail challenge in the Nail Fun group! It really has all the ladies kicking some nail booTAY! ;)

Mani one is my fave of the week even though it was probably her easiest one, it's just totes my style! hehe
 Essie Boxer Shorts with Essie Effects Stroke of Brilliance  (I need to get that Essie!! You know, I don't own ANY Essie at all! lol)

This next one is PERFECT!
Sally Hansen Black and Wet n Wild Megalast Wet Cement
I love the little gems in the middle! hehe

Alright.. this one looks like it took WAY too long, lol, but I love it so much! You rock, Mombo-lita!
 Pure Ice "Kiss Me Here" stamped with CG "Concrete Catwalk"

Last but not least, this spectacular freehand art orange on orange beauty! Doesn't it look great with her skin tone?
 Julep Hayden with LA Colors bright orange art polish

That's all for Mombo Monday this week... but I am sure she will knock our booties off again! ;)
Love you, Mombo! :)

I'm a bad, bad challenge girl!

I have THREE days of challenge nails to post all on one darn day because I am behind! :(  It's just too hard during the week to get them done so then I am painting halloween nails like a mad woman in between laundry, kids stuff, house stuff, etc on the weekend. lol  None of that matters right this second though because I got myself caught up and now I feel better (until I miss more and have to catch up again, haha).  So I will shut up now and post the pics!

October 16th - Bats!

I had a super hard time with bats, I had no stamp with a bat and free handing was really hard because it is difficult to make bats on nails with a long nail art brush! lol
Oh well, it was on my nails for all of 3 minutes... haha

October 19th - Spider
Yet another I had a hard time with for the same reason as above... no stamp for a spider and it's hard to freehand on little nails with a long skinny nail art brush. Again, on my nails for all of 3 minutes. lol

Last but not least, GHOSTS!!!!
I like the ghosts the best because they look scary and I free-handed them even though I DID have a ghost stamp! haha  I figured it would be scarier this way. Mission accomplished!! :)


Featured Artist Friday!

Whew!!!!! I am SO happy it's Friday! I am also sooo happy I had more than one person in line for the featured artist this week! Hooray! :) :) That makes me smile so big it hurts! hehehe  I love it!  I work tomorrow (it's my darn Saturday to work, boo) so I am off early today and I wanted to get this up soI can get to my nail challenges since I missed one again and need to do two! Work is making me such a nail slacker... ouch! This post is not about me though, it is all about this weeks Featured Artist, which happens to be someone that I completely and totally admire in the nail world because I have not seen a bad mani out of her yet!


Renee sent me her favorite mani and she was nominated by Heather LaSalle for the the first mani I will show you. Renee just always has perfect nails every darn time she shows a photo they look like they should be on a billboard. Spectacular I tell you! Her cuticles are a whole other story!

Renee, can you just text message me every time you put something on your cuticles so I can do it too? Then maybe I can make mine look as perfect as yours! ;) Does that work for you? haha! (No really, I would totes go for that, hahahahaha)

I bet you want  to see the nails now, so here you go!

This mani photo was nominated by Heather LaSalle and she said this about it: "This mani jumped out at me when she originally posted it, and was the first thing I thought of when I saw this post on the nail group.  The multicolor stamping is really pretty, and her nails and cuticles are amazing overall, a great mani."
I agree with Heather, this IS a great mani! The colors stamped over black are beautiful! I'm not positive but guessing they are some of the China Glaze bohemian collection colors??

This is the mani the Renee sent in and she said this about it: "This is my favorite mani that I've done to date. I did this because I was meeting my daughters Kindergarten teacher for the first time.  I wanted to convey fun but serious at the same time..I think I accomplished that. it's CG Ingrid and WnW Fergie Glow Stick"
 YES! This mani is SO fun! I love the colors and the double, double (does that make sense, lol) accent nails! Way to go, girl! ;)

Renee, you totally rock the casbah, woman! I love the crap outta your nails!!! hehe :)

 Now that I have you all drooling over Renee's nails, snap out of it and get your submissions in for Featured Artist Friday and then get your buns over here every Friday to see who the next artist is!

It could be YOU! Go do it HERE, pretty please? (with sugar on top?)


Mombo Monday ;)

It's Mombo time again! I'm early again, I figured I would try and be on the ball just in case this week is crazy at work just like last week was. When I say crazy I mean all out insanity and ripping our hair out crazy! haha Every darn night last week when I got home I was completely mentally exhausted and was just wiped out and ready for bed. I am totes hoping for a much calmer week, but if I could get by on wishes and hopes I would be a stay at home mom so I won't hold my breath! LOL

I have some GREAT manis to show you this week! I had a hard time choosing again, big shocker! haha I had a whole plan and then she threw in another photo while I was working on the post so I had to think more... so I just added a third. haha I was just going to show the first two and make it a "marble week" but now she ruined that. Oopsie!

So here are the fricking AMAZING marbles Mombo did this week!

First up quickly became my favorite marble she ever did when she posted it because it was GREEN and green is my favorite color! It is now my second favorite marble she ever did, lol, because the black and white one below is my new fave...
 Mombo used Jessica "Viva LaLime Lights", CG "Custom Kicks", WnW Shine "Metallica" and WnW Megalast "On a Trip" for this kick ass marble!  I just LOVE it so much!

Okay, now this is a BLACK and WHITE marble that will knock your damn socks off!  I am just staring at it in disbelief that MY MOMBO did this! It looks fake! It looks like someone drew a cartoon on her nails or something, it's too cool for school! I kind of want to put it on canvas and hang in it on the wall (not your nails, Mombo, the design, lol) just because it turned out so frickin' sweet! Ahhhhh I want to make out with it this design a little I love it so much. hehe (For those of you who do not know me or my  family well you are probs thinking that was a very odd statement, I do apologize, it's just a thang we say, I do NOT make out with inanimate objects. Promise. Pinky promise!)
Sally Hansen Black and White  
Betcha Sally herself couldn't have done that, lol (errr, is Sally even a real person?)

Okay... So now that I am done drooling over that... nope not done, it's so awesome!!!!!! 
Yeah, yeah, yeah! I NEED to move on now, right? haha I have some polkie-dots for you!
This is so elegant looking, but since my left hand doesn't like to function to do dots for my right hand, I couldn't pull it off. lol I will live vicariously through Mombo's nails. 
For this mani, Mombo used CG "Light as Air" with OPI "Roadhouse Blues" for the dots!

Pretty fun stuff this week! I think my Mombo really is the QUEEN of marbles! Want to know something? When she first tried water marbles and showed me, that is when I decided I needed to try it. Then I realized I only had about 6 bottle of nail polish and they were all the same colors, lol. So then I tried water marbling and it turned out alright after the 3rd try but it was too much work for me and I hated wasting so much polish. I went to visit Mombo and she gave me a bunch of nail polish to get me some more colors to work with and the rest is history! Now I have over 200 bottles and am way too obsessed. Way to go, Mombo!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!! PS: I love you! hehe


Challenge slacker! Two days here...

Oh man, with the week I had there was no way I was getting a challenge mani in on the 10th, and yesterday I started my tombstone mani but then we had an impromptu and much needed "girls night out" so the mani took a back seat! haha

So I totes missed the candy corn mani on the 10th, so I did that one today before I did the tombstones for the 13th, because I couldn't just skip one!  Here's my take on the candy corn!  I was kind of limited on the colors since I only have one yellow polish and two orange polishes, lol!
I used Ulta "Sun-Sational", Kleancolor "Metallic Orange" and Sinful Colors "Snow Me White"

For the tombstones (and please don't mind the horrible clean up or dry skin, I knew I was taking it off right away and silly me didn't even think to put some lotion on or something after cleaning up a bit with acetone, dry as a bone around my nails and it shows! Eek!)

For this mani I used A base of China Glaze "Bizarre Blurple" with a layer of China Glaze "Want My Bawdy" over the top trying to get a scary night sky color.  The tombstones are Sinful Colors "Slate" which is my fave grey ever, and the black is Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear "Black Out"
The ring finger tombstone says "1711" and is very cracked, lol, was trying to make one reeeeally old looking... FAIL. haha

Okay, I feel much better now that I am caught up on the challenge! I just hope this week at work isn't quite as crazy as the last week and I am not completely exhausted when I get home everyday. I don't think I can do another week like that. :(  So here's to hoping for a great week for me and for everyone else!!! ;)


Featured Artist Friday!

It's FRIDAY (and I am so very happy it is) and that means it's time to feature a new artist! :)
This week we have someone that was nominated by two different people. How cool is that? I hope that next week I will have lots of nominations to sort through... think you gals out there can make that happen? Check out the nomination page and get your artist up here! ;)

Deborah H is this weeks FAF and she was nominated by Donna and Norma.  There are two different Manis to see this week even, how fun is that? Love it! This week totes rocks!

 I just love how perfect Deborah's nails always look, like she just came straight from the salon! I wish mine always looked that good!
This mani was done for a wedding, how gorgeous is this?

So now that Deborah had her Friday in the spotlight this week, who will be next?? Get your submissions in! ;) (begging, pretty please, lol)