DIFFERENT dimension "Warm Fuzzies" swatches and review!

Before I get to the beautifulness that is "Warm Fuzzies" I want to first apologize for being MIA over the holiday hecticness. It was just way too crazy for me and I could barely keep my head on straight, let alone sit down to blog. I wanted to but time was not on my side. lol I procrastinated on giftage, the kids had too much going on, work didn't help and wrapping and traveling were the death of me! :-/ I am making one of my resolutions to spend more time blogging though! I love it so much and just want to do it more and more! :) I hope you all had amazing holidays with your families and friends and hopefully the new year will bring wonderful things as well!

On to the superb "Warm Fuzzies" from Different Dimension!  Missi's polishes have quickly become one of my favorites, and when this mini bottle appeared with my last order I instantly knew I must show everyone how beautiful it is!  I passed it by in the shop purely because I don't normally buy brown polish... but I have already worn this twice because it is gorgeous! Nobody should pass it by! lol
Look at the AMAZING brown-holo-sparkle-goodness that is warm fuzzies! It totes gives me the warm fuzzies to wear it and show it to you! It is gorgeous! I had a hard time taking pictures of it because it is so holo-ey/sparkly! This is two coats and it went on perfectly smooth like butta!
Here are some more pics, I am sorry there are so many, but I couldn't get that "perfect shot" so I just took a lot! haha

Seriously.. it is so beautimous! I give it a 10 fo sho! Great formula, great application with 2 coats to full opacity, no streaks or brush marks, dried quickly and I top coated with seche vite and this is STILL how much bling I got! ;)

You can find Warm Fuzzies HERE at Missi's Etsy Shop called Different Dimension.  I have never been disappointed with a purchase from her and highly recommend this shop because I don't believe you would be disappointed either!

I hope you enjoyed my pics and review!

*HUGS* to you all!

Nails for Newtown

I wanted to get this up on here yesterday, but it was a day I spent with my daughter just having mommy and daughter time.  We went to ice skate with Santa, then watched a movie and had crackers, cheese, cookies and cocoa! After that we watched TV and just goofed around until the boys got home. I enjoyed every second with my little girl and cherished it even more in light of the events in Newtown. My heart is crying for each and every one of those children, family members, staff, and all involved.  The nail community was doing white nails for Newtown, so here is my mani.  I used Sinful Colors "Snow Me White" and Maya Cosmetics "Gathering" as a topcoat for the angelic sparkle.


Featured Artist Friday!!

Oh my goodness this month is way too busy for me! lol Sorry I missed last week's Featured Artist, but as I said in my Mombo Monday post, I was down with a migraine last weekend. Totes lame.  I am doing good so far this Friday though! lol No migraine, just tired because apparently kids have a lot of things to do in December and so do parents! Anyone have a stop watch? I need more time! lol  Right now it is time for this weeks featured artist though! Yay!

This week our Featured Artist is one who has gotten a lot of attention lately...


Cara was nominated by Kathy Blixt and I was so excited! You see, Cara and I live a short distance from each other so we got to chatting and started a nice friendship online. I can't wait to meet her in person someday and try out all her fun indie polishes while I'm at it! Haha!  Cara has some amazing polish skills, a great Blog and even has her own Etsy shop selling some sweet Nail Polish Shelves!  See how rockin she is? :)  (For real, check those links out, I promise you'll be happy you did!)  Here's the mani that Kathy nominated, and the Christmasy mani I picked to show you! I opted not to go with her now famous snowflake mani only because I think everyone and their brother has seen it already! lol!! It is truly amaze-balls to the max!

Here's the first mani that Kathy nominated:  (cara, if you want to send me an updated one with your watermark on it that would be superb!)
Not sure on the polishes used but I know that the glitter is an unreleased Too-Cuticle glitter!?  Awesomeness!!!

Here's my choice:
Jindie Nails - Grinch. Love it! Cara has such pretty nails, and this polish is gorgeous also! Just love it all! :)

Is it your turn next??  It could be YOU! Get your submissions in for Featured Artist Friday and then get your buns over here every Friday to see who the next artist is!

It could totes be you... Go do it HERE, pretty please? (with sugar on top?)

Happy weekend everyone!

A Snowy Mombo Monday!

Woke up to lots of snow this morning but not enough to put any delays on the morning! Nothing like the delays my head put on the weekend. :( Migraine city. In fact, the bathroom is without a faucet still because I couldn't get out of bed to go pick one out since the one we had already chosen wasn't going to work. I still have a slight migraine, but it is livable now at least. The computer monitor light is a killer though and my head does not like it at ALL so work is difficult and so is this! So I am going to quickly post my Mombo's manis and shut this thing down! I apologize SO much for not getting Featured Artist Friday up and for being absent so much lately. I am sure after the holidays it will be a little easier!

Here's Mombo's awesome mani's!
Supa cute, Mombo!! She used Pure Ice Taupe Drawer stamped with China Glaze Admire

Love this color!  Mombo used OPI Warm and Fozzie for this mani!

This is my fave for the week!
A England St. George dabbed with L'Oreal The Queen's Ambition

That's all for now folks, I need this light away from my eyes to save my noggin! :(

Have a great week everyone!

Mombo Monday!

Monday again, already? I wish weekends didn't go by so quickly. We got a lot done this weekend though! Christmas tree is up, decorations are up, tile is ready to be laid in the bathroom tomorrow and the house is as clean as it's going to get for now! No sense in cleaning the den with everything from the bathroom in it right now, lol!  Besides getting all that done, I am still battling whatever this nasty virus is and I am feeling like crud. I can only hope it is going away soon. The only thing keeping me going is knowing that I have it NOW rather than at Christmas. So let's cross our fingers it is gone soon! :(
As I write this, Mombo is in Vegas... Hmfph.... :P lol  Want to see what she's sporting on her nails while she's there??  Here you go:
Of course it's a "Mombo Marble"! haha  OPI I Break for Manicures, Zoya Caitlin and Megan, topcoated with Spectraflair
Perfect, as usual... Love all the pretty shades of purple!!  Also, she got another new set of custom nails from Custom Nail Solutions, this set is glamour length.  Pretty nice, right??

Here's another fun one! She must be on a purple kick this week! hehe
Sinful Colors Amethyst stamped with Color Club Fashion Addict
I always love this stamp when I see it on a mani, but I have never used it!

Last but not least, using a color I am totes in love with (I am the Walrus by Enchanted Polish)...
Not sure what color she used to stamp with, and I am not going to bother her while she's in Vegas, but I love this mani! I neeeeeeed the whole Enchanted Polish Beatles collection.  For those of you that don't know me well enough, I have a slight obsession with The Beatles. ;) I love them, and I love this polish and all the rest in the collection... but they are totes not in my budget now or probs not in the near future unfortunately. :(

That's all for this Mombo Monday!  Back to work for the week and hopefully back to healthy super soon!

I hope you all have an amazing week!!!!!!