Featured Artist Friday!!

Oh my goodness this month is way too busy for me! lol Sorry I missed last week's Featured Artist, but as I said in my Mombo Monday post, I was down with a migraine last weekend. Totes lame.  I am doing good so far this Friday though! lol No migraine, just tired because apparently kids have a lot of things to do in December and so do parents! Anyone have a stop watch? I need more time! lol  Right now it is time for this weeks featured artist though! Yay!

This week our Featured Artist is one who has gotten a lot of attention lately...


Cara was nominated by Kathy Blixt and I was so excited! You see, Cara and I live a short distance from each other so we got to chatting and started a nice friendship online. I can't wait to meet her in person someday and try out all her fun indie polishes while I'm at it! Haha!  Cara has some amazing polish skills, a great Blog and even has her own Etsy shop selling some sweet Nail Polish Shelves!  See how rockin she is? :)  (For real, check those links out, I promise you'll be happy you did!)  Here's the mani that Kathy nominated, and the Christmasy mani I picked to show you! I opted not to go with her now famous snowflake mani only because I think everyone and their brother has seen it already! lol!! It is truly amaze-balls to the max!

Here's the first mani that Kathy nominated:  (cara, if you want to send me an updated one with your watermark on it that would be superb!)
Not sure on the polishes used but I know that the glitter is an unreleased Too-Cuticle glitter!?  Awesomeness!!!

Here's my choice:
Jindie Nails - Grinch. Love it! Cara has such pretty nails, and this polish is gorgeous also! Just love it all! :)

Is it your turn next??  It could be YOU! Get your submissions in for Featured Artist Friday and then get your buns over here every Friday to see who the next artist is!

It could totes be you... Go do it HERE, pretty please? (with sugar on top?)

Happy weekend everyone!


The Fox said... [Reply]

!!!!!! THANK YOU!!! YOU ARE SO SWEET TONI! <3 <3 <3 Aww I'm all teary eyed! <3 I can't wait to meet you !

Toni Anne Berman said... [Reply]

Well there you are! <3 I am so glad you were nominated! I had more written and had to cut it shorter because it looked like I was playing favorites or something! Lmao

Judy Hodge said... [Reply]

Good deal she is a very deserving nail artist!!!!

Melissa. said... [Reply]

The Grinch nail polish is amazing! I want it so much! :) x


Carmen A. Lindsay said... [Reply]

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