Starting an October Challenge tomorrow!!

Before I talk about the challenge, I have to tell you that I got my Black Spotted!!! I GOT IT!!! My Mombo is totes AH-MAZING!!  I almost had a heart attack though, because I walked in the front door after working 10 hours and could smell nail polish. Then I saw the package from my mom wrapped in clear packaging from the post office and I almost puked! I opened it, almost crying, and peeked in... WHEW! She had sent me the black spotted and a bottle of base coat, and the base coat was everywhere, but the black spotted was safe! Yay! Thank goodness! I don't have pics yet though, I haven't quite gotten the hang of it and it looks pretty wonky so far! hehe Soon though! Promise! hehehehehe So exciting!!!

Starting tomorrow I am participating in my first ever challenge!  I saw it on one of the blogs I follow and I just had to jump in on it! hehe  Here's the challenge if any of you other bloggers reading it (or any non-bloggers want to follow along and do the challenge, too) want to join!

So tomorrow along with Mombo Monday, you will also get to see my Halloween Pumpkin mani! Hooray! :)

Sorry for the short post tonight, I just wanted to get that in there real quick... lots of good TV on tonight and then I am off to bed! Hope you all had a great weekend!


Featured Artist Friday!

This Friday I am launching the first "FAF" or Featured Artist Friday, where a different nail artist's design will be shown each week! :)  This week being the first week, I just picked one design that I particularly loved and wanted to show my readers. The idea is that in the future, hopefully others will send me submissions of nail art they love and want to see featured on the blog.  The art can be someone else's or their own! Remember, this does NOT have to be anyone in particular. It could be you, your neighbor, your child, a facebook friend, a blogger, anyone! So click HERE or on the sidebar on the right to send me your submissions and then check on Fridays to see if your submission is featured! :)

Today's featured artist is Danielle!  I saw this nail design on our Nail Fun page on facebook and loved it!! I still love it and wanted you to see it also! I hope you all enjoy it! :)

According to Danielle, this is done with stamp Mash 38. She painted her nails in the new Sinful Colors pearly white, then stamped in a mint green, purple, and shimmery pink!
 Stamped in one color, and repeated with two others so they kinda layered but all shows up!

Hope you all enjoyed the first FAF!!!


Mombo Monday!!

Look at me, I was totes ahead of the game on this one and scheduled my post.. I'm all fancy and schtuff! haha Don't get used to it though, it probs won't happen much! ;)

For this Mombo Monday I want to first point out that my Mombo got some fancy longer nails! hehe Remember in this post when I went on and on about her amazing unbreakable custom fake nails?  Okay, so you probably don't remember that but you should def go read about the amazing nails she has and maybe even check them out if you are the acrylic/press on/glue on type of nail gal because when you see how AH-MAZE-ING her nails are, and then read about the fact that they are unbreakable, uncrackable, custom fit to your nail bed, any length, shape, size you want, etc... you will most likely want them! I want them but have nice nails on my own so I can't mess with that noise! teehee!

Here's a picture of her second set in a longer length, you know she had to be able to switch it up a bit! ;)
 I wanted to show these as close as possible, because how AWESOME do these look??? These are POLISH FREE right now! This is just how they look after they are glued on, totally rockin, right?

 Then here's the whole picture, her beautimous hands and nails (which you can actually see all over the customnailsolutions website, and they are pictures she took herself with her phone or camera and mani's she did herself... and they asked if they could use the pictures. She wasn't hired by them or anything, lol!)

Anyway, enough of that!  She had a couple cool mani's last week I wanted to share!

I LOVE the grunge look and had success with it myself, and here's what hers turned out like! Love it!
The polishes she used on this were: Sally Hansen "Black", Orly "Green Apple", CG "Fiji Fling", CG "Sky High Top" and OPI 'Call Me Gwen-Ever"

Some stamping fun on this one!
For this awesome mani (which totes looks like those little peppermint candies to me!) she used an Unnamed Color Club light grey and then stamped with Kleancolor Metallic Navy.

Oh so fun! I love seeing what Mombo does with her nails! :)

You know what else I love??? Seeing what everyone else on my favorite nail board does on facebook!  If you're on facebook and love to laugh and try out nail art (notice I didn't say you had to be good at nail art, I said try out... we aren't pros and we are all learning together) then you should maybe check out the nail fun board on facebook!  When you ask to join just let the admin know you came from my blog, and post a comment here so I can let her know you are cool! ;) lol


I'm SO bad!

I promise I didn't mean to neglect the blog this week, I just got caught up in actual LIFE! lol I only painted my nails ONCE this week, that's how pathetic I was this week. So wrong.  I did get some fun things in the mail this week, including my winnings from the giveaway I won on Erin's blog Never Enough Nails. Turned out that a couple of the polishes that she wanted to give away were out of stock, so the store that was sponsoring the giveaway offered to let me choose 5 I would like, and then they sent me the one they had in stock from the contest ("Watermelon Rind" which I LOVE) and 4 of the 5 from my list! So instead of 3 polishes, I got 5 amazing China Glaze polishes! Woohoo!
Yes, I was a little bummed that I didn't get the ones I was supposed to because I was really excited about those colors and Erin was also, they truly are her absolute favorite China Glaze colors. But it was a prize and I ended up with some awesome colors either way and I am VERY excited about them all!

THANK YOU AGAIN, ERIN! It was a great prize either way and I am grateful and love the polishes! :)

Here's what I got!
L to R: "Cords", "Devotion", "Admire", "Adore" and "Watermelon Rind"

I also got my Butter London's in the mail that I ordered from Coterie! I got Bluey, Knackered, and Wallis along with the Matte top coat. I didn't take a picture of them, sorry!  If someone NEEDS to see them, I will... just let me know! lol

That's all for me now, I posted some giveaways before this... so check those out, also!


Another large giveaway!

Just in case you haven't heard about this one yet!

Spellbinding Nails has a ginormous giveaway going on as well!!  After hitting 2,000 followers I guess a HUGE giveaway is just something that you must do! hehe I would LOVE to do that someday ;)
Anyway... there are THREE winners for this one also and huge prizes!  So go enter here!
You have until October 3rd to get your entries in, and if you twitter you can tweet daily for entries!

Holy Polish, Polishology!

This is an awesome giveaway!!!!  If you only have time to enter one giveaway, this is the one to do!

Polishology is back and bringing it on big! 

There's a mega 2nd Anniversary Giveaway happening right now and there are so many awesome polishes up for grabs you may pee your pants with excitement just thinking about winning it! ;)
Zoya or China glaze in groups of 6... Ummm, YES PLEASE? Three winners? Check! Nice!
Head over and enter, you have until October 1st to get in on this one!

A Late Night Mombo Monday!

What the glob! I totes almost forgot completely about Mombo Monday! I think I was subconsciously mad that she was in Illinois visiting my sister and I was left out!? LOL Not really, I think my brain is just "stress fried" right now. That is what I am calling it. Yep. Stress fried with a side of mental exhaustion! Sounds appetizing, right? :P

Anyway, on to the amazing nails of Mombo-lita! ;)  The ones I picked this week were a little last minute but you're going to love them! **Remember to click on the pictures to see them larger!

 Okay, I just LOVE the way this looks! It sort of looks like her nails were on fire but the ends were put out! Mombo used Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Black and China Glaze "Riveting" from the Hunger Games Collection for this look!  I also asked what her favorite black polish was, and Sally Hansen Hard as Nails is the winner for her!

Here she used Sally Hansen Hard as Nails "No Hard Feelings" for the base.  Then added some striping tape and added the other two purples which were Sinful Colors "Amethyst" and Milani "Hi-Res". Make sure you look at this one closer up to see the sparkle in the Hi-Res! Gorgeous!

Okay all, since I am late with this already and I have stuff to get done before bed I am cutting this short, this does NOT mean I love my Mombo any less because I am not gushing about her so much this week! haha I love her tons and tons cuz she's my Mombo and she's the best! ;) Love you, Mombo! *MUAH*

Hope you all have a great week!

Things I want...

Here are a few items I am currently loving and really wanting at the moment! I just look at them on and wish I could just throw them in the cart and buy them, but I know the hubster wouldn't be too happy with me... so I don't... LOL

Things I want...

*Click the small photos above to go to the links if you want to see the items! If you hold tab down while you click, it will open in a different tab/window! 

That's what I have been doing today, it's been a lazy day! It's Davin's day off (he's been working for like a bagillion days straight) and we wanted to have a lazy day today! So we aren't doing much today. Playing games and watching TV. The kids are playing with race tracks and some other toys they haven't touched in forever. Love it! Maybe I will actually get some new polish on my nails today? Hmmm I think I will go play right now! ;)


Heavy metal, dude!

Hey gals (maybe guys, too?) hope your hump day treated you well! Mine was insanity and I am wishing it was the weekend already! I could go for a shot or 7 of tequila about now! lol  Work will do that to you sometimes, and right about now it is REALLY doing that to me! :P

Enough of that though, I have a mani to post! Woot! It's been on my nails since Sunday and it's a darn good thing I took pics on Sunday because it is looking a little rough today! haha

Here it is! *Don't forget you can click on the pictures to see them larger!

For this mani I used Sinful Colors "Secret Admirer" and Sinful Colors "Heavy Metal" along with Bundle Monster stamp 322.

That's it for tonight, I am beat and am going to just veg and watch a little Big Brother and then SLEEP! lol 


Featured Nail Artist??

So I have been toying with the idea of putting up a featured nail artist one day a week, maybe on Fridays and have a "Featured Friday" post with someone different each week.  This can be anyone that has polish on their nails so not necessarily someone with a blog (well known or otherwise) or someone who is amazing at freehand artistry or whatever... just someone with pretty nails! Maybe they could be featured by nomination or just by asking to be nominated?

What do you think?  Is this something you would be interested in?

Is this something you would be interested in seeing on the blog?

Let me know your thoughts! :)


Some Giveaways!

Here's a few giveaways for you to get in on this week!! :)

The Crumpet has a 1,250 follower giveaway going on for some flipping awesome indie polishes! Go check it out for SURE!  Ends 9/15!

Like Gosh? Barry M? Gems? More? Then you should probably try your luck in the giveaway on the PishPosh and Polish blog!  This one ends 9/30!

You can enter to win a sweet bottle of Pirate Polish's "Radioactive" on Manicure Addict's blog! I can't tell you when it ends because my Rafflecopter won't load right now, but good luck! This color looks awesome! Reminds me of slime on Nickelodeon! hehe

Mombo Monday!!

Yikes! Mombo Monday is running a little late today, sorry about that! We had the boxes out of the crawl space for the plumbing to be done for the bathroom... so then we had to go through them. Fun stuff! Most of them were boxes of clothes and shoes from when Davin was in high school and college believe it or not! Needless to say, those are not going back in the crawl space! haha The rest were his trophies, books, atari games (AND the atari, YES!!), some of my things from high school including my scripts from my plays and musicals and my letters and stuff. So that is why Mombo Monday is a little late.Oopsie! ;)

Here's my two faves from this week!  **Don't forget to click on the photos to see them larger!

First up is the amazing Black Spotted!
 This is THE most amazing nail polish ever, it just has to be! haha Look at how cool that is! Mombo put it over a few different pastels and it looks very awesome! I'm not sure what colors were used here exactly (she is slacking on that lately, geesh!) but after she reads this, maybe she will post them in the comments.  *hint, hint* lol!

This is a totally cool look, too! Mombo used Zoya "Caitlin" and then mattified it with Essie "Matte About You" and stamped over it with glossy topcoat to get this look on those gorgeous nails!  Very subtle but so gorgeous and classy. It would work with any color and look awesome!

That's it for this week's Mombo Monday! Don't forget to show her some lovin in the comments section! ;) 


She's a SUPER FREAK!!!!!

I am totes FREAKING OUT right now!!!!!!!
I couldn't help it, I had to run over and post because I can't even contain my excitement for even two seconds!  Remember how awesome my Mombo is? ;) Well here's just another example of that... she flipping ordered me a bottle of the AH-MAZING  "Black Spotted" by OPI!
OMG! I am seriously giddy with complete excitement right now and wish I could just drive to Esky and get it from her right now! Why oh why to I need to go to GB and get my new tires put on my car today?? Ugh! Nail polish and visiting my Mombo is WAY more exciting than tires! lol I suppose that new tires and the safety of me and my family in my car must take precedence over the gloriousness of black spotted though... *sigh*

Can you believe the fricking awesome early Christmas present from my Mombo??? I am SOOOO excited I can hardly stand it! My Mombo ROCKS! (and no, I won't share her with anyone else, I'm sorry, I already have to share her with my little sister and that is hard enough to deal with! haha)

Toni Anne

Some giveaways!

Lisa over at Lisa's Nail Obsession has an AWESOME September giveaway going on through September 30th! So hop on over there and see if you can win some Pretty and Polished nail polish! :)

Glitter Obsession is giving away the China Glaze Bohemian Collection that I have been drooling over since it came out! Ahhh I still want it soooo badly! lol  This one ends on 9/20/2012.

Halloween time? Heck yeah! Get in on the All Hallow's Eve giveaway at Fashion Polish for a chance to win the All Hallow's Eve, Limited Edition Cirque Colors! Nice!

Spellbinding Nails has a HUGE giveaway for reaching 2,000 followers! TONS of prizes, stamping plates galore, Max Factor Fantasy Fire and SO much more!!! Get over there! It ends 10/3/2012.

There's a Big PURPLE giveaway at nailXchange until 10/3/2012. There are 3 separate prizes of totally awesome purple polishes! Head on over and get in on that!

My current mani and a contest win!

OMG OMG you gals! I totes won a contest!! I won the contest that Erin over at Never Enough Nails was having for her favorite China Glaze polishes! Woohoo!! :) The polishes I won are China Glaze "Watermelon Rind", "Frostbite" and "Reggae to Riches" which all look like amazing colors to me and I can't wait to try them out! I am SO excited!!!! YAY!  I hope you all go check out her blog, too!
Thank you Erin, again, for the contest! :)

Sp yeah, here's what I am currently sporting on my phalanges! lol  I actually did this one really quick because I really wanted to use this new Orly I got! It is Orly "Oui" and I just think it is SO fun! It's purple and gold and just fun stuff!  *Don't forget you can click the pictures to see them larger*

So here is 2 coats of Orly "Oui", then 1 coat of Seche Vite. 
Next I used striping tape and did one coat of Sinful colors "Secret Admirer" on the tips and one more coat of Seche Vite.
I love this mani! ;)

Hope you all like it, too!

Toni Anne :)

Emily's Pink Zebra nails!

During the school musical last spring, I somehow became the "cool mom" among the girls in Treyson's class (now the 8th grade girls) and have adopted a couple of the girls as my "other daughters". hehe Emily comes over and plays with my daughter, Peyton (who is 7) and Peyton thinks Emily is the coolest girl in the world and loves her SO much.  Emily also loves my nail polish stash and goodies, and I told her I would do her nails for the first day of 8th grade.  So she came over yesterday and picked out her colors and we did them up!  They turned out great and she was SO excited! Here's the finished product:  *Don't forget you can click the pictures to see them larger*

We used Sinful Colors "24/7" and Kleancolor "Metallic Black" for the stamping, which we did with the BM-223 stamp!

I hope Emily got tons of compliments on her fun nails at school today! :)

My kids both had a great first day at school today, I can't believe I have an 8th grader and a 2nd grader! Eek! Boy does this 33 year old feel OLD when saying that.

Other than that, tomorrow the plumbing part of the bathroom will be getting done, and Wednesday the giant stack pipe that is in the way will be moved and hopefully the tub and shower will be in and working by the weekend and I can stop going to my in-laws house to shower! ;)

Here's a picture of the vanity and vanity top we are getting... hopefully it will be delivered tomorrow!
It is a 48" one though, I think this picture shows a smaller one! It's granite, and I am super excited about it!  My father in law manages the local True Value (owned by my mother in laws cousin) and he got an amazing deal on it!!
Here is the vanity

These are the tiles we are considering.  Anyone have any input??
 Topaz Cypress (this is my fave)
 Ardesia Blue
Okay, sorry about that, totes not nail related, but I am super excited!!!! hahaha

Toni Anne :)

Mombo Monday!!!

This is my first installment of "Mombo Monday"! Mondays will be devoted to my awesomely amazing Mombo, Diane, and her sensational nails! Seriously, check her nails out and you will be on board with me on how insane her nails are... they just always look great. I am jealous and I am always trying to make my nails look even close to that good! haha

So let's get to Mombo time already! *Please click the photos to see larger images*

Here's her mani today!

 This water marble was done with the China Glaze Bohemian Collection! (I am also jealous that she owns this entire collection, she is such a polish whore! *pardon my french* lol)

This one is from early August sometime...
 She used Milani "Hi-Res" for this one! I STILL want this line of Milani's and can't seem to get them. *sigh* My Mombo is such a brat! ;)

Okay, this one is just too cool... Make sure you click on the pics to bring up the bigger photo to see them closer!
 This is the infamous FLOAM with black stamping over it! Doesn't it look sooo flipping rockin? It reminds me of those books when I was a kid with the "fake" 3D glasses that never really worked unless you moved your head around when you looked at them! hahaha Love this so much!

Okay, so that's my kick-ass Mombo Monday post for the week! ;) I hope you all love my Mombo's nails as much as I do! :)  If you do, leave her a little love in the comments, she is my biggest "blogger fan" I think, and she will totes see your comments! hehe

PS: Love you, Mombo! Miss you tons, too!

Toni Anne


Yay! I won a contest! :)
I won a free 30 day ad over at "A Little Unhinged" run by Gwen! How neat is that? Here's the ad I made to run in my space I won:
What do you think of it? It was hard to put my style into that space, but I think I did alright...

Okay, enough of that excitement!  I apologize for my absence the past few days! It is SO hectic around here! I STILL have no shower at my house (yeah, isn't that lovely?) and running to the in-laws house to shower is getting quite old... Between the mess of having the bathroom torn completely out, and getting NOWHERE because there always has to be an issue that puts remodeling at a complete standstill for days, getting the kids ready for school to start next week, Davin working long hours because they are short staffed plus have someone on vacation, and me going through a conversion at work, I am not quite sure if I even have my own head screwed on straight at the moment! :/
I can tell you that I am ready for October to come and for my conversion to to be over, the kids to be settled into school and for things to maybe settle down (crossing my fingers) though! *sigh*

I had that same mani on my nails all week, I just took it off last night and left my nails bare overnight and they are bare still right now.  THAT is how hectic it has been, I haven't even had time to do my nails and I got my Zoya package and my ELF package and my OPI "Number One Nemesis" all in the mail and haven't even gotten to play! What a total bummer!  I won't get to play until tonight either since we are out the door soon to do some school clothes shopping. That should be fun, hopefully it will be some stress relieving fun! :)

I am looking forward to Monday though, because that is one of the perks of working at a bank and getting those extra holidays off! haha  On Monday, a few of the girls in Treyson's class that have adopted me as there "other mom" and I love them like my "other daughters" are coming over to get their nails done up for the first day of school Tuesday! :) That will be tons of fun for all of us and Peyton, because Peyton LOVES these girls so much! I will take pics and share them on Tuesday, because Monday will be my first "Mombo Monday"!

Sorry about the long, boring post! No nail fun... wow. What a lame nail blogger I am, I am so sorry! I promise I will have better posts soon!!

Toni Anne :)