Mombo Monday!!

Look at me, I was totes ahead of the game on this one and scheduled my post.. I'm all fancy and schtuff! haha Don't get used to it though, it probs won't happen much! ;)

For this Mombo Monday I want to first point out that my Mombo got some fancy longer nails! hehe Remember in this post when I went on and on about her amazing unbreakable custom fake nails?  Okay, so you probably don't remember that but you should def go read about the amazing nails she has and maybe even check them out if you are the acrylic/press on/glue on type of nail gal because when you see how AH-MAZE-ING her nails are, and then read about the fact that they are unbreakable, uncrackable, custom fit to your nail bed, any length, shape, size you want, etc... you will most likely want them! I want them but have nice nails on my own so I can't mess with that noise! teehee!

Here's a picture of her second set in a longer length, you know she had to be able to switch it up a bit! ;)
 I wanted to show these as close as possible, because how AWESOME do these look??? These are POLISH FREE right now! This is just how they look after they are glued on, totally rockin, right?

 Then here's the whole picture, her beautimous hands and nails (which you can actually see all over the customnailsolutions website, and they are pictures she took herself with her phone or camera and mani's she did herself... and they asked if they could use the pictures. She wasn't hired by them or anything, lol!)

Anyway, enough of that!  She had a couple cool mani's last week I wanted to share!

I LOVE the grunge look and had success with it myself, and here's what hers turned out like! Love it!
The polishes she used on this were: Sally Hansen "Black", Orly "Green Apple", CG "Fiji Fling", CG "Sky High Top" and OPI 'Call Me Gwen-Ever"

Some stamping fun on this one!
For this awesome mani (which totes looks like those little peppermint candies to me!) she used an Unnamed Color Club light grey and then stamped with Kleancolor Metallic Navy.

Oh so fun! I love seeing what Mombo does with her nails! :)

You know what else I love??? Seeing what everyone else on my favorite nail board does on facebook!  If you're on facebook and love to laugh and try out nail art (notice I didn't say you had to be good at nail art, I said try out... we aren't pros and we are all learning together) then you should maybe check out the nail fun board on facebook!  When you ask to join just let the admin know you came from my blog, and post a comment here so I can let her know you are cool! ;) lol



simmi5 said... [Reply]

Great post, Punk. Wow! That mombo of yours sounds fabtastic! Her nails are looking fresh to death! ;)

Toni Anne Berman said... [Reply]

hahaha! You're too funny, Mombo! Love you!

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