Things I want...

Here are a few items I am currently loving and really wanting at the moment! I just look at them on and wish I could just throw them in the cart and buy them, but I know the hubster wouldn't be too happy with me... so I don't... LOL

Things I want...

*Click the small photos above to go to the links if you want to see the items! If you hold tab down while you click, it will open in a different tab/window! 

That's what I have been doing today, it's been a lazy day! It's Davin's day off (he's been working for like a bagillion days straight) and we wanted to have a lazy day today! So we aren't doing much today. Playing games and watching TV. The kids are playing with race tracks and some other toys they haven't touched in forever. Love it! Maybe I will actually get some new polish on my nails today? Hmmm I think I will go play right now! ;)



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