A Late Night Mombo Monday!

What the glob! I totes almost forgot completely about Mombo Monday! I think I was subconsciously mad that she was in Illinois visiting my sister and I was left out!? LOL Not really, I think my brain is just "stress fried" right now. That is what I am calling it. Yep. Stress fried with a side of mental exhaustion! Sounds appetizing, right? :P

Anyway, on to the amazing nails of Mombo-lita! ;)  The ones I picked this week were a little last minute but you're going to love them! **Remember to click on the pictures to see them larger!

 Okay, I just LOVE the way this looks! It sort of looks like her nails were on fire but the ends were put out! Mombo used Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Black and China Glaze "Riveting" from the Hunger Games Collection for this look!  I also asked what her favorite black polish was, and Sally Hansen Hard as Nails is the winner for her!

Here she used Sally Hansen Hard as Nails "No Hard Feelings" for the base.  Then added some striping tape and added the other two purples which were Sinful Colors "Amethyst" and Milani "Hi-Res". Make sure you look at this one closer up to see the sparkle in the Hi-Res! Gorgeous!

Okay all, since I am late with this already and I have stuff to get done before bed I am cutting this short, this does NOT mean I love my Mombo any less because I am not gushing about her so much this week! haha I love her tons and tons cuz she's my Mombo and she's the best! ;) Love you, Mombo! *MUAH*

Hope you all have a great week!


simmi5 said... [Reply]

You are just too cute. You should have just blamed the lateness on me because I wasn't home to give you the color list. ;)
Love you tons and tons, too, Puink!!

simmi5 said... [Reply]

"Puink"? Guess I'm tired, too! lmao

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