Emily's Pink Zebra nails!

During the school musical last spring, I somehow became the "cool mom" among the girls in Treyson's class (now the 8th grade girls) and have adopted a couple of the girls as my "other daughters". hehe Emily comes over and plays with my daughter, Peyton (who is 7) and Peyton thinks Emily is the coolest girl in the world and loves her SO much.  Emily also loves my nail polish stash and goodies, and I told her I would do her nails for the first day of 8th grade.  So she came over yesterday and picked out her colors and we did them up!  They turned out great and she was SO excited! Here's the finished product:  *Don't forget you can click the pictures to see them larger*

We used Sinful Colors "24/7" and Kleancolor "Metallic Black" for the stamping, which we did with the BM-223 stamp!

I hope Emily got tons of compliments on her fun nails at school today! :)

My kids both had a great first day at school today, I can't believe I have an 8th grader and a 2nd grader! Eek! Boy does this 33 year old feel OLD when saying that.

Other than that, tomorrow the plumbing part of the bathroom will be getting done, and Wednesday the giant stack pipe that is in the way will be moved and hopefully the tub and shower will be in and working by the weekend and I can stop going to my in-laws house to shower! ;)

Here's a picture of the vanity and vanity top we are getting... hopefully it will be delivered tomorrow!
It is a 48" one though, I think this picture shows a smaller one! It's granite, and I am super excited about it!  My father in law manages the local True Value (owned by my mother in laws cousin) and he got an amazing deal on it!!
Here is the vanity

These are the tiles we are considering.  Anyone have any input??
 Topaz Cypress (this is my fave)
 Ardesia Blue
Okay, sorry about that, totes not nail related, but I am super excited!!!! hahaha

Toni Anne :)


simmi5 said... [Reply]

Her nails turned out adorbs!! She's going to be the most fabtastic girl in 8th grade! Love the bathroom stuff. The bathroom is going to be such an improvement, and I can't wait to see it all done up. Between that and the floors, it's going to be a whole different house. Fun! Love you!!

Sylvia Holman said... [Reply]

So cute! Definitely sounds like you're the cool mum. I love the Topaz, but maybe it depends on your wall colouring too!

Jackie said... [Reply]

Adorable mani!!! You will post pics of the bathroom completed right??!!

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