She's a SUPER FREAK!!!!!

I am totes FREAKING OUT right now!!!!!!!
I couldn't help it, I had to run over and post because I can't even contain my excitement for even two seconds!  Remember how awesome my Mombo is? ;) Well here's just another example of that... she flipping ordered me a bottle of the AH-MAZING  "Black Spotted" by OPI!
OMG! I am seriously giddy with complete excitement right now and wish I could just drive to Esky and get it from her right now! Why oh why to I need to go to GB and get my new tires put on my car today?? Ugh! Nail polish and visiting my Mombo is WAY more exciting than tires! lol I suppose that new tires and the safety of me and my family in my car must take precedence over the gloriousness of black spotted though... *sigh*

Can you believe the fricking awesome early Christmas present from my Mombo??? I am SOOOO excited I can hardly stand it! My Mombo ROCKS! (and no, I won't share her with anyone else, I'm sorry, I already have to share her with my little sister and that is hard enough to deal with! haha)

Toni Anne


simmi5 said... [Reply]

Don't waste a trip here, silly. I JUST ordered it last night! I wanted to make sure she was honest, so when I got mine, I knew it was all good. I paid for mine on August 20th and got it today. I paid for yours today, so it will be a few weeks.
Love you!

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