Yay! I won a contest! :)
I won a free 30 day ad over at "A Little Unhinged" run by Gwen! How neat is that? Here's the ad I made to run in my space I won:
What do you think of it? It was hard to put my style into that space, but I think I did alright...

Okay, enough of that excitement!  I apologize for my absence the past few days! It is SO hectic around here! I STILL have no shower at my house (yeah, isn't that lovely?) and running to the in-laws house to shower is getting quite old... Between the mess of having the bathroom torn completely out, and getting NOWHERE because there always has to be an issue that puts remodeling at a complete standstill for days, getting the kids ready for school to start next week, Davin working long hours because they are short staffed plus have someone on vacation, and me going through a conversion at work, I am not quite sure if I even have my own head screwed on straight at the moment! :/
I can tell you that I am ready for October to come and for my conversion to to be over, the kids to be settled into school and for things to maybe settle down (crossing my fingers) though! *sigh*

I had that same mani on my nails all week, I just took it off last night and left my nails bare overnight and they are bare still right now.  THAT is how hectic it has been, I haven't even had time to do my nails and I got my Zoya package and my ELF package and my OPI "Number One Nemesis" all in the mail and haven't even gotten to play! What a total bummer!  I won't get to play until tonight either since we are out the door soon to do some school clothes shopping. That should be fun, hopefully it will be some stress relieving fun! :)

I am looking forward to Monday though, because that is one of the perks of working at a bank and getting those extra holidays off! haha  On Monday, a few of the girls in Treyson's class that have adopted me as there "other mom" and I love them like my "other daughters" are coming over to get their nails done up for the first day of school Tuesday! :) That will be tons of fun for all of us and Peyton, because Peyton LOVES these girls so much! I will take pics and share them on Tuesday, because Monday will be my first "Mombo Monday"!

Sorry about the long, boring post! No nail fun... wow. What a lame nail blogger I am, I am so sorry! I promise I will have better posts soon!!

Toni Anne :)


Anonymous said... [Reply]

Hi Toni - I think the ad you created is great! It is fun and playful and just a bit zany! Perfect! Congratulations on your prize! i just discovered you on the new Blog Hop over at alittleunhinged.com - I am glad I did! Maybe you will hop on over to http://www.simplychicforyou.com/ to say Hi!
Have a beautiful weekend, and enjoy that bank holiday! :)

simmi5 said... [Reply]

SO cool that you won the ad space, Punk!! I hope it brings you lots of followers.

Organized Island said... [Reply]

Yay congrats! Found you on the Little Unhinged hop :)

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