I missed it!

I was going to start "Mombo Monday" yesterday, where I intend to post pictures of my mombo's mani's from the week, but I wasn't thinking straight I guess and totally spaced on it! lol  So I guess I will save it for another day since I already planned to post some pics of my mani today!  Nothing too exciting, but I have pictures and that's something at least! haha

I used Nicole by OPI "Me+Blue" again on this one because I am completely in LOVE with this polish!  I love the glitter, I love the formula, I love the new brush they have, I just think it is all over amazing! If it matched everything I owed, I may wear it everyday! haha  I also used Nicole by OPI "Not a Gold Bigger" for the accent dots!
There you have them!  I am off to fold laundry, watch "Pretty Little Liars" and then get to bed because my booty can't seem to wake up to an alarm for anything lately! :( I am sick of racing around every morning! lol!

Toni Anne


simmi5 said... [Reply]

Mombo Monday? That is hilarious!!
Can you get your pictures to post bigger? Or am I just being a pain in your ass with my annoying suggestions. Love you!

Toni Anne Berman said... [Reply]

Mombo, if you click on one of the pics, it brings up a "gallery" for you to scroll through them all bigger! Does that work for you? lol

Pamela said... [Reply]

New follower - through the blog hop

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