Is anybody out there? If there is, I am going to tell you how super pumped I am about the deal I got at TJ Maxx today! First off, I don't have a TJ Maxx in my town. I had to go to Green Bay for systems training for work (we are going through a conversion in October, so we are getting ready and have lots of training going on.. it's all craziness). So instead of eating lunch, Idecided to take a little shopping trip! haha! Why not? It's not often I have the chance to scour TJ Maxx for nail polish!  I got there and searched the store and there was none to be found.  So I saw a woman in the makeup section stocking lotions and asked her. It was my lucky day as her response was "Oh sure! I just got a box in, go for it! Dig through it all you want!" It wasn't a large box, but I did get 4 bottle of Nicole by OPI for $16! SCORE! ;)
L to R: 
Me + Blue, Denim to Earth, One Last Lonely Glitter and Not a Gold Bigger

Do you have any of these? Are there more I should snatch up? I REALLY LOVE this Me + You, the glitter is AWESOME! I wish all my glitters were like this!

Of course I had to try at least one of them out! 
Here is what I did! (I apologize for the crappy pic, it's from my phone, give me a little time to get better lighting and all that jazz)
Sinful Colors "Rain Storm"
Nicole by OPI "Me + Blue" on tips and Accent nail
Topcoat Seche Vite
That's all for tonight! Hope you all had a great Monday! I'll be back tomorrow with a list of giveaways that are happening so far this week! ;)

Toni Anne :)


simmi5 said... [Reply]

My only comment is, "Where are the pics of what you bought for your mombo?" ;)

Any thoughts about getting some guest posters? You need to get more pics up here so peeps will start coming!

Toni Anne Berman said... [Reply]

First I have to get some more posts going on my blog, then I will see what I can do about guest posts! :) What do you think about me changing it up to nail polish in OUR eyes and allowing you to post also? ;)

Gwen Parker said... [Reply]

Love those colors by Nicole and the way you did sparkly tips with the blue. xoxo

Thanks for visiting A Little Unhinged

Gwen @ www.alittleunhinged.com

NailsByDiana said... [Reply]

Great find! they are really pretty colors!

P.s Thank you for becoming part of my blog :)

Anonymous said... [Reply]

I would like that if for no other reason that when I enter contests, I could post the link to the blog cuz' it would be mine, too. Do you want my almost daily mani's up, too?

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Even better idea; you steal the pics you want of mine from FB and you can post them. ;)

toxycat said... [Reply]

nice find!!
Found your blog via Mimika's Beauty blog hop and followed xx

Toni Anne Berman said... [Reply]


Well, you already post all the links on FB, mombo.. I don't think you need to have the blog for that, too, I get that one! lol ;)
I will put your mani's up!! I will steal you FB pics!

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