Rain... I don't mind

Soooo I took this rainy, gloomy day and updated my blog because I wasn't liking the whole "left sided" thang I had going on! lol So I did that, plus we (meaning me and my husband, Davin, since the kids didn't do much helping) cleaned out the den closet as we are remodeling the main bathroom this week.  Actually my father-in-law and brother-in-law are doing it for us since we will be working while it is going down, lol, but I am not looking forward to being without my own shower for the entire week!  The only other bathroom we have is just a half bath. School starts next week, so they are going to try and get it done before then so we don't have any issues with that! Eek!I am already nervous!  We still have to clean out the cabinet in the bathroom and get the rest of the stuff from the closet off of the den floor, but it's almost dinner time so I thought I would hop on here for a quickie post!

I'm hoping I will have time to get some polish on my nails tonight, because they are totes neked right now and that is just abnormal! I hate it! :P

Anywho, let me know what you think of the "new look" of the blog pretty please? Is it easier to read? Nicer to look at? What's the scoopage?

Toni Anne


Emm said... [Reply]

I can read the text and I don't deny that >>>> look nice but they do make it a bit hard to read the heading...hope this helps:)

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Sylvia Holman said... [Reply]

Thanks for stopping by and linking up to Followers to Friends. Hope you found lots of neat new blogs.
Have followed back. x
Sylvia @ sweetpeasylvie.blogspot.com

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