Mombo Monday!!!

This is my first installment of "Mombo Monday"! Mondays will be devoted to my awesomely amazing Mombo, Diane, and her sensational nails! Seriously, check her nails out and you will be on board with me on how insane her nails are... they just always look great. I am jealous and I am always trying to make my nails look even close to that good! haha

So let's get to Mombo time already! *Please click the photos to see larger images*

Here's her mani today!

 This water marble was done with the China Glaze Bohemian Collection! (I am also jealous that she owns this entire collection, she is such a polish whore! *pardon my french* lol)

This one is from early August sometime...
 She used Milani "Hi-Res" for this one! I STILL want this line of Milani's and can't seem to get them. *sigh* My Mombo is such a brat! ;)

Okay, this one is just too cool... Make sure you click on the pics to bring up the bigger photo to see them closer!
 This is the infamous FLOAM with black stamping over it! Doesn't it look sooo flipping rockin? It reminds me of those books when I was a kid with the "fake" 3D glasses that never really worked unless you moved your head around when you looked at them! hahaha Love this so much!

Okay, so that's my kick-ass Mombo Monday post for the week! ;) I hope you all love my Mombo's nails as much as I do! :)  If you do, leave her a little love in the comments, she is my biggest "blogger fan" I think, and she will totes see your comments! hehe

PS: Love you, Mombo! Miss you tons, too!

Toni Anne


simmi5 said... [Reply]

Awww, that is such a nice posting! You're such a sweetheart, Punk. I figured you were going to do one mani, not several. lol
I love the whole "Mombo Monday" idea; makes me feel so important!
Miss you and love you!!

goldensonly said... [Reply]

I love your MOMBO's nails!!!! The blog is looking GREAT and congrats on winning that ad spot!!! Looks GREAT!

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