A Snowy Mombo Monday!

Woke up to lots of snow this morning but not enough to put any delays on the morning! Nothing like the delays my head put on the weekend. :( Migraine city. In fact, the bathroom is without a faucet still because I couldn't get out of bed to go pick one out since the one we had already chosen wasn't going to work. I still have a slight migraine, but it is livable now at least. The computer monitor light is a killer though and my head does not like it at ALL so work is difficult and so is this! So I am going to quickly post my Mombo's manis and shut this thing down! I apologize SO much for not getting Featured Artist Friday up and for being absent so much lately. I am sure after the holidays it will be a little easier!

Here's Mombo's awesome mani's!
Supa cute, Mombo!! She used Pure Ice Taupe Drawer stamped with China Glaze Admire

Love this color!  Mombo used OPI Warm and Fozzie for this mani!

This is my fave for the week!
A England St. George dabbed with L'Oreal The Queen's Ambition

That's all for now folks, I need this light away from my eyes to save my noggin! :(

Have a great week everyone!


Victoria Grant said... [Reply]

Love the pink heart shape mani...simply gorgeous!!
A beautiful blessing to your nails :)- Visit My Site

Joe Lewis said... [Reply]

The Queen's Ambition is definitely up there on my wish list--the colour and the shimmer is gorgeous!
I love my Nails

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