Mombo Mondayyyyy!

Before I get to Mombo (sorry Mombo I know this is supposed to be all about you... but it's my blog and I am going to butt in for a minute hehe) I just want to point out that I have updated the GIVEAWAYS link on the side of the blog and have made it a lot easier for you to see what giveaway I have found that are going on! I am going to put them on with the date they are ending, the link and prize and try to put them in order under the month they end. I also have added a Twitter feature on the side where I also have been tweeting giveaways! I am making it very easy for you to not miss any giveaways! ;) BUT, in order for you to not miss the ones I am posting, you sort of have to visit my blog also.

Oh yeah, it's Mombo Monday time! I had a hard time choosing today because Mombo was on mani-fire last week and I had lots to choose from!  So this week I am going to show you three of them! 

First, the polish that started it all.  Meaning the polish that started Mombo's obsession with nail polish which, in turn, started my obsession with nail polish! haha  Darn this Essie "Carry On"  Here is what she said about this polish:
"The one that started my insanity, Essie Carry On. Won it in a sweepstakes about a year ago. It sat in my cupboard until last March when I thought, "I wonder if colored polish would look good on me?" The rest, as they say, is history."
Yes, Mombo... colored polish looks AH-MAZING on you! ;) hehe

Next up, my fave of the week! I love this one sooo much!
HITS "Cutie Pie" stamped like a peacock with CG "Admire" and CG "Metallic Muse"

Last but not least....
Essie "Da Bush", Essie "Absolutely Shore" and Revlon Colorstay "Spanish Moss"
To get this look, Mombo did this:  
Base coat, let it dry. Put on another thicker coat of base and while it was wet threw on skinny stripes in the other two colors. Then I just swirled it up with a toothpick. Easy breezy. :)

Can I just say, I love that she says "Easy breezy" at the end, like she's a cover girl or something! haha Reminds me of ANTM when they are attempting to shoot the Covergirl commercials.  Not sure why it reminds me of that since they say it on every Covergirl commercial, but it makes me giggle! lol

Alrighty, there's the Mombo Monday for this week. She rocked it out once again (not like I'm shocked)! She's too good at this nail stuff! haha

Hope this week is great for all of you! I have a challenging week ahead as my bank is now a whole new bank as of today!  So I am sure tomorrow when we head back in to work it is going to be hectic but I know we will get through it and all will get smoother as we go! :)



Norma Janeway said... [Reply]

The peacock was my fav for this week!

simmi5 said... [Reply]

The peacock is one of my faves of all time, I think. Probably because it's on a fab duochrome. Punk, you are really feeding my ego with your flattery....Christmas must be coming. ;)

goldensonly said... [Reply]

LOVE that peacock mani!!!!!

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