Challenge Day 2: Bl00d! oooooOoooh....

So here we go with Challenge day 2 and all it's bloody goodness! hehe I thought this one was pretty fun! I hate that I have to work during the day so I have to put the challenge post up so late in the darn day. Oh well, at least I am 2 for 2 so far! Go me! Woot! ;)

 So here's my bloody nails! ;)

 I used OPI "Number One Nemesis" as the base, a little stamping on my ring finger with Sinful Colors "Secret Admirer" (which totes doesn't show like I wanted it to), then Siful Colors "Hot Hot Heat" was my choice for BLOOD! I was trying to go for the "OH NO! My pretty manicure got ruined by blood" look, but it didn't get that effect in the end. I still like how it turned out though and I hope you do, too! :)

Hope your week has been great so far! Check back tomorrow to see who is the next Featured Artist on Friday!



Melissa said... [Reply]

I feel ya on having to wait to post all day. I always get everyone's updates all day long, for ten hours, then I have to wait to post mine. :-) I get so antsy. This looks great!

Norma Janeway said... [Reply]

Good job!

IsaBella said... [Reply]

Nice job! :D
When you add your link on linkz pls use your post link ( not your blog adress (

Toni Anne Berman said... [Reply]


It's hard to wait all day, isn't it?? lol! Thanks Melissa!!

Toni Anne Berman said... [Reply]

@Norma Janeway
Thanks, Norma! Also thank you for stopping by! ;)

Toni Anne Berman said... [Reply]

Whoops! Sorry about that! I will make sure I do that next time!
Thanks for coming by! ;)

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