I have 62 followers! :) Yay!

Just got a little excited that I have 62 followers right now, and truly I haven't really "pimped myself out" all that much or ran a contest or done much that was insanely exciting to get people here. So I am sort of feeling really great at the moment about that! :) It may be my goofiness or writing style brought people in, or Mombo's nails, or Featured Artist Friday, or the giveaway posts I post for other giveaways...  I am guessing it wasn't my nail posts because there has been a serious lack of nail posts from me lately, all that I have posted have been my October challenge nails. I apologize for that, but hopefully I will have more as work gets less crazy! ;)

The whole reason for the post tonight was that I just wanted to say THANK YOU to each and every one of you out there reading/looking at my blog! I appreciate it soooo much! I am totes smiling ear to ear right now because I just can't believe that there are 61 people out there that even came to my blog! hehe :) Thanks a billion times! *MUAH* 

Also, I just wanted to put my other social media info out here in case anyone wants to follow those.
Click on the buttons below to find my twitter, facebook, and pinterest!

So that's all for tonight, it's time to relax and hopefully get this headache down a notch... I am pretty sure laptop light isn't going to help if I keep looking at it!


The Sparkle Queen said... [Reply]

Keep up the good work! You are doing fantastic !

Toni Anne Berman said... [Reply]

@The Sparkle Queen
Thanks so much! :) I appreciate it! Hehe
Also, thank you for commenting, made my night!

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