Featured Artist Friday!

It's FRIDAY (and I am so very happy it is) and that means it's time to feature a new artist! :)
This week we have someone that was nominated by two different people. How cool is that? I hope that next week I will have lots of nominations to sort through... think you gals out there can make that happen? Check out the nomination page and get your artist up here! ;)

Deborah H is this weeks FAF and she was nominated by Donna and Norma.  There are two different Manis to see this week even, how fun is that? Love it! This week totes rocks!

 I just love how perfect Deborah's nails always look, like she just came straight from the salon! I wish mine always looked that good!
This mani was done for a wedding, how gorgeous is this?

So now that Deborah had her Friday in the spotlight this week, who will be next?? Get your submissions in! ;) (begging, pretty please, lol)



simmi5 said... [Reply]

Nice!! I hadn't seen either of these for some reason. She does do a great job, fo sho.

goldensonly said... [Reply]

You must have been MIA, simmi5!!! LOL... Nice choices, Toni!!!!!

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