I'm a bad, bad challenge girl!

I have THREE days of challenge nails to post all on one darn day because I am behind! :(  It's just too hard during the week to get them done so then I am painting halloween nails like a mad woman in between laundry, kids stuff, house stuff, etc on the weekend. lol  None of that matters right this second though because I got myself caught up and now I feel better (until I miss more and have to catch up again, haha).  So I will shut up now and post the pics!

October 16th - Bats!

I had a super hard time with bats, I had no stamp with a bat and free handing was really hard because it is difficult to make bats on nails with a long nail art brush! lol
Oh well, it was on my nails for all of 3 minutes... haha

October 19th - Spider
Yet another I had a hard time with for the same reason as above... no stamp for a spider and it's hard to freehand on little nails with a long skinny nail art brush. Again, on my nails for all of 3 minutes. lol

Last but not least, GHOSTS!!!!
I like the ghosts the best because they look scary and I free-handed them even though I DID have a ghost stamp! haha  I figured it would be scarier this way. Mission accomplished!! :)



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