Mombo Monday!!

It's Mombo Monday! :) My favorite day of the week! hehe It's my favorite because I didn't have to do any of the hard work and I love showing off my Mombo's nails! I am not going to write much this time though because I have 4 mani's to show off and I have to do my October challenge post (which has 3 challenge days on it because I was slacking again, whoops!)

Mombo was rocking it out again last week because of the nail challenge in the Nail Fun group! It really has all the ladies kicking some nail booTAY! ;)

Mani one is my fave of the week even though it was probably her easiest one, it's just totes my style! hehe
 Essie Boxer Shorts with Essie Effects Stroke of Brilliance  (I need to get that Essie!! You know, I don't own ANY Essie at all! lol)

This next one is PERFECT!
Sally Hansen Black and Wet n Wild Megalast Wet Cement
I love the little gems in the middle! hehe

Alright.. this one looks like it took WAY too long, lol, but I love it so much! You rock, Mombo-lita!
 Pure Ice "Kiss Me Here" stamped with CG "Concrete Catwalk"

Last but not least, this spectacular freehand art orange on orange beauty! Doesn't it look great with her skin tone?
 Julep Hayden with LA Colors bright orange art polish

That's all for Mombo Monday this week... but I am sure she will knock our booties off again! ;)
Love you, Mombo! :)


Fingers said... [Reply]

Just found your blog-it's very nice!

Toni Anne Berman said... [Reply]

Well thank you for saying so! :) Thanks for stopping by, too! I appreciate it and hope you'll come back again! :)

goldensonly said... [Reply]

LOVE Mombo's manis this week!!! OUTSTANDING as usual!!!!! :o)

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