October Challenge: Spiderwebs! (Challenge is right!)

First of all, I want to kick this challenge day right in the bootay! lol I stink at this challenge day. :( Oh phooey on spiderwebs and not having an easy way out with a stamping plate with a spiderweb on it! haha Phooey, phooey, phooooooo! I finally came up with something for it but I am in no way happy with it nor can I stand to try anymore! lol  So without further whining, here is my challenge day 7 Spiderwebs mani!

I used Claire's "Galaxy" for the base, Sinful colors "Out Of This World" for the web along with more of Claire's "Galaxy" and the needle drag technique to make a web looking mess! haha  For the spider I used Kleancolor "Jazz Olive" and Claire's "Blast Off"

That's it... now that I have the pics up it is coming right off my nails because I totes hate it! :(
I have a horrible headache right now and I am going to curl up in my bed and watch lame Sunday TV all day! haha Sounds like a GREAT idea to me! :)

Check out all the other mani's, they are looking amazing!!

Hope you all had an awesome weekend!


Rachel Magelky said... [Reply]

CUTE! I love how you did the spiderwebs :)

Toni Anne Berman said... [Reply]

@Rachel Magelky
Thanks, Rachel! I still hate it! LOL! Already removed it and have neked nails! hahahhaha

nail crazy said... [Reply]

nice :D

IsaBella said... [Reply]

Nice mani. :)

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