Mombo Monday ;)

It's Mombo time again! I'm early again, I figured I would try and be on the ball just in case this week is crazy at work just like last week was. When I say crazy I mean all out insanity and ripping our hair out crazy! haha Every darn night last week when I got home I was completely mentally exhausted and was just wiped out and ready for bed. I am totes hoping for a much calmer week, but if I could get by on wishes and hopes I would be a stay at home mom so I won't hold my breath! LOL

I have some GREAT manis to show you this week! I had a hard time choosing again, big shocker! haha I had a whole plan and then she threw in another photo while I was working on the post so I had to think more... so I just added a third. haha I was just going to show the first two and make it a "marble week" but now she ruined that. Oopsie!

So here are the fricking AMAZING marbles Mombo did this week!

First up quickly became my favorite marble she ever did when she posted it because it was GREEN and green is my favorite color! It is now my second favorite marble she ever did, lol, because the black and white one below is my new fave...
 Mombo used Jessica "Viva LaLime Lights", CG "Custom Kicks", WnW Shine "Metallica" and WnW Megalast "On a Trip" for this kick ass marble!  I just LOVE it so much!

Okay, now this is a BLACK and WHITE marble that will knock your damn socks off!  I am just staring at it in disbelief that MY MOMBO did this! It looks fake! It looks like someone drew a cartoon on her nails or something, it's too cool for school! I kind of want to put it on canvas and hang in it on the wall (not your nails, Mombo, the design, lol) just because it turned out so frickin' sweet! Ahhhhh I want to make out with it this design a little I love it so much. hehe (For those of you who do not know me or my  family well you are probs thinking that was a very odd statement, I do apologize, it's just a thang we say, I do NOT make out with inanimate objects. Promise. Pinky promise!)
Sally Hansen Black and White  
Betcha Sally herself couldn't have done that, lol (errr, is Sally even a real person?)

Okay... So now that I am done drooling over that... nope not done, it's so awesome!!!!!! 
Yeah, yeah, yeah! I NEED to move on now, right? haha I have some polkie-dots for you!
This is so elegant looking, but since my left hand doesn't like to function to do dots for my right hand, I couldn't pull it off. lol I will live vicariously through Mombo's nails. 
For this mani, Mombo used CG "Light as Air" with OPI "Roadhouse Blues" for the dots!

Pretty fun stuff this week! I think my Mombo really is the QUEEN of marbles! Want to know something? When she first tried water marbles and showed me, that is when I decided I needed to try it. Then I realized I only had about 6 bottle of nail polish and they were all the same colors, lol. So then I tried water marbling and it turned out alright after the 3rd try but it was too much work for me and I hated wasting so much polish. I went to visit Mombo and she gave me a bunch of nail polish to get me some more colors to work with and the rest is history! Now I have over 200 bottles and am way too obsessed. Way to go, Mombo!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!! PS: I love you! hehe



simmi5 said... [Reply]

You always say such nice things about my stuff! Love you, Punk!

Toni Anne Berman said... [Reply]

Uhh, cuz I LOVE your schtuff! lol
Love you too, Mombo! :)

goldensonly said... [Reply]

Great choices! Love Diane's nails and her nail art!!! Her water marbling is the BOMB!!!!! :)

KarenD said... [Reply]

All are very nicely done!

Toni Anne Berman said... [Reply]

Karen, that Mombo of mine really is good! :)
Thanks for stopping by my blog! Made my day! :)

Toni Anne Berman said... [Reply]

Karen, that Mombo of mine really is good! :)
Thanks for stopping by my blog! Made my day! :)

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