Mombo Monday!

Hey Mombo, Mombo Italiano, Hey Mombo... Yeah yeah, I know.. lol I get it stuck in my head so many times when I call my Mom "Mombo" that I just can't help myself sometimes! hehe  I am totes on an AT HOME VACATION this week! Wooooohoooooo! I originally took this week off because my hubby and I were planning a trip to Vegas for our Wedding Anniversary. Our Anniversary is tomorrow... We obvi didn't end up going to Vegas, but we both still had vaca days at work and took the week off anyway. So we both have the week off and just have things around the house to do.  Things such as paint the "remodeling in process" bathroom, clean out our bedroom closet, fall cleaning, etc.  Funny thing is, my Daddio is going to Vegas for the week and we get the lovely task of babysitting his dog for him!  haha  The rest of what we have to do this week is NOT WORK. ;) 

  Today I want to do a shout out to my lil sista to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE GROUND! I love you so much and am so proud of you, Tai! I am so happy Mombo and Daddio made you for me when I was 2 1/2, it was the best present they ever gave me. :) haha

Alrighty then, on to what Mondays are really for! MOMBO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Once again, she totes rocked out the mani's this week, so this post is way pic heavy! Yikes! I just couldn't choose because they all rock the casbah!

If any of you read about my winnings in this post, you know that I gave Mombo the Zoya "Toni" that I won because the color just wasn't "me" (even though it is totes the coolest thing eva that it has my name). Well she used it here and it look ah-mazing on her!
 Zoya "Toni" stamped with OPI DS Signature

Remember when I said Mombo is the Queen of water marbles? If you didn't believe me then, do you now? lol WOW! This just blew my mind!
 CG Something Sweet and Essie Skirting the Issue

Next up: Awesome animal print stamping!
Mombo used: Fingerpaints Tough Art to Follow with Pure Ice First Time 
(This stamped really awesome, didn't it? I thought this was a foil before I read that it was a stamp!)

One more awesome marble!!! Geesh, I wish I had the energy to do all these mani's! hahaha
SC Gorgeous and SC Let's Play

Last but not least, the kick ass snakeskin foils!

Well, that's Mombo Monday for the week! I hope you all had your bibs on to catch your drool! ;) hehe

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Have a GREAT week everyone!


goldensonly said... [Reply]

Just beautiful!!! I think my fave this week is that marble! It's just perfect!!!!!

Life, Times and Lacquers of Lilmoon said... [Reply]

HOLY COW! I am in awe of your mom's water marble skills, and I bow down to her!

Toni Anne Berman said... [Reply]

@Life, Times and Lacquers of Lilmoon
I know! She is totes the Queen of water marbling in my eyes! Lol I am going to ask her to make a list of all of her tips for my blog readers! :)

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