Holiday Joy Swatches (just some, cuz I'm not rich enough to buy them all, lol)

Happy HuMp day everyone!!! Wednesday means that it's halfway through my "at home vacation" though which is so uncool. I am loving being lazy watching daytime TV, staying up late watching TV with my hubby, doing some swatches, putting lotion on my hands like 8 million times because my cuticles are now falling apart with the crazy change in weather. :(  

In other exciting news... I noticed yesterday that a fellow blogger lived near me (50 miles away) which is close considering nobody around me is a blogger or a nail freak (Mombo is a nail nut, but she doesn't count in this scenario, ok? lol).  She is nice and also hilarious and we have been chatting it up on FB ever since. lol So this is just a little shout out to her (hey, girl!) and you should all check out Fox Claws and enter the insanely awesome, multi-blogger contest going on there as well!! :)

Oh boy, I better get the swatches up before I get caught up chatting in FB and don't get them up at all! hehehe I really enjoy doing the "swatching" and I wish I could do this more. If anyone knows of anyone looking for someone to do swatches/reviews, I would love to do some so send them my way pretty please! :)

As I said on Monday, for our Anniversary, my hubby let me get some polish at ULTA. Four of the polishes I purchased were from the China Glaze Holiday Joy Collection! So today I have some swatches for you and a little review on Blue Bells Ring, Cranberry Splash, Angel Wings and Winter Holly.  My favorite of these was definitely Angel Wings! I love them all, but the golden sparkle of Angel Wings was just so beautiful I couldn't stop staring at it! On to the swatches!

"Cranberry Splash"
Duochromatic red with gold reflects, I don't quite see much "duochrome", maybe a slight, slight gold.  I am not so much a fan of red on my nails and I LOVED this one on my nails! Two coats, went on smoothly and neatly. Didn't stain my cuticles like I have seen with other reds. Normal application and normal dry time. Hooray for a red I actually like!

Blue Bells Ring
This is an icy metallic blue and while I have quite a few blues in my collection, this is the closest to real blue I have. Just as Cranberry Splash, I had complete coverage in two coats. I could have done it in one thick coat if I wasn't being picky though! Very smooth application and it is gorgeous in the sunlight (this was the only one I actually caught the sun for)! I will use this one a lot I think!  Dry time was normal. One thing I though was SO WEIRD... when I went to remove it, I took one swipe with the polish remover and I had an instant "grunge mani" because there was pure silver under the blue! It truly was like I put silver polish on and then a super thin coat of blue over it! Strange but true!

Winter Holly
A deep green with green & gold micro glitter polish that is totes up my alley! I looooooove this! I am all about these micro glitters, I just love the way they look and the way they sparkle and shine all over the place! Three thin coats gets full coverage on this one and Angel Wings and I had to touch up a couple spots. Dry time is way fast though, so these are a breeze to apply! As with all micro glitters (at least the ones I have used) they love to eat your top coat right up, so you will need to apply at least two coats.  This is two coats of Seche Vite and if I would have been keeping it on longer I would have applied one more coat because I could still feel the "bumps".

Angel Wings
A gorgeous yellow gold with micro glitter that makes you feel like a princess! It's so beautiful and sparkly you can't take your eyes off of your nails! lol  Just like with Winter Holly, three thin coats and it was full coverage and a few touch up spots. I did notice you have to be careful on the tips because they get "bumpy" or "rough" also and then you are dangerous! haha  Fast dry time and then it eats your topcoat right on up, so pile it on thick! ;) Then shine on like your bad self and show off your blingin' phialanges! lol

There's all the gorgeousness! :) Hope you enjoyed the swatches as much I as enjoyed doing them. You should def pick these up, they are great! I am pumped that I got them! Thanks awesome hubby!!

G'Nite all!


Rachel Magelky said... [Reply]

Awesome colors!! PS I LOVE your new branding for photos ;)

Toni Anne Berman said... [Reply]

@Rachel Magelky
Thanks, girl! :) Much more fun than the last one!

Norma Janeway said... [Reply]

Toni....I enjoyed this review SOOOOO very much! I hope you do more.

Toni Anne Berman said... [Reply]

@Norma Janeway Thank you, darlin! :) I like to do them but there are so many reviews it seems pointless, but this time I got these pretty soon after they were released so I jumped on it! Lol

Ginger Stendel said... [Reply]

These are gorgeous Toni! Thanks for swatching! Love that green!

Toni Anne Berman said... [Reply]

@Ginger Stendel
You're welcome, I love to do it! :) :) So fun!

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