Mombo Monday!

Wowsa! It's Mombo Monday already? I feel like I just posted a Mombo Monday yesterday and I also feel like it can't be November already. How on earth is it already November? I feel like the year is going way too fast, I think someone needs to throw the brakes on because I am not ready for the holidays to be here yet! Ahhhhh  Don't get me wrong, I love the holidays but they are super hectic for us and really stress me out. This year I don't have the day before or the day after Christmas off so I will be wiped right out I am sure. :(

Oh goodness, I am totes getting off track! I am supposed to be talking about Mombo today! ;) Mombo didn't go mad on the mani's this week and since Halloween is over I didn't want to go back to that. So there are only two mani's this time! Weird, right? It's alright though because the first one is really awesome so it should count as two. haha

Here's a perfect storm! I see mani's like this quite often but haven't tried one myself. They are pretty real and pretty cool. ;) lol (Any SNL watchers out there that got that?) I don't have the patience to do all these layers, but Mombo did an awesome job on this mani! WTG Mombo!  :)
Mombo rocked this mani out using:
Base is SC Secret Admirer; sponged on KC Pastel Blue, then WnW Megalast Through the Grapevine, then SH Complete Salon Manicure's Himalayan Blue, then CC no name dark purple.
This next one caught me off guard because, ummm, it's the wrong hand!?! Wha? She never shows her right hand! Whoa! How could I not put it on the blog, I mean, it needs to be out here for all to see! Well, all 66 of you! haha!
 Ahhh, magnetic polish. Gotta love it!  This one is Sally Hansen Silver Elements

So there is my "Mombo love" for this week!  Hope you all enjoyed seeing what she was up to with those custom nails!

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Have a GREAT week everyone!


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