Featured Artist Friday!

Thank goodness I had some to choose from this week!! :)  I had to pick from a hat, even! hehe That makes me very happy, ladies! What doesn't make me happy is that it is the last day of my vacation and it's just like a regular weekend after 5 today. Booooo! I'm pouting. :(  I just have to suck it up! LOL

I should stop pouting though because there is fun stuff happening, it's Featured Artist Friday! This weeks nominee is....

KATHY BLIXT!!!!!!!!!!!

Alright, this woman is hilarious I tell you! She is always making me smile or laugh that is for sure. :) Her nails are always great and she has been a friend of my moms for many years... which may or may not have something to do with why Mombo nominated her? Naw, really it was because she loved this mani she nominated!!! I also had a mani in mind when I saw that Kathy was nominated because I thought it kicked booTAY when I saw it! So here are two kick buttski mani's by Kathy! :D

First up is the mani that Mombo nominated! This was a dedication to one of her dog's, Daisy, that passed away.
I love how she did just yellow dots on some of the daisies! Just the perfect amount! Love it!

Here is the one I had loved since I saw it! hehe
The neon diagonal stripes and then the black stripes over this are killer! I just fricking *heart* this so much! Totes my style, don't know why I haven't done it yet... haha

Kathy's Friday in the spotlight is today, is it your turn next??  It could be YOU! Get your submissions in for Featured Artist Friday and then get your buns over here every Friday to see who the next artist is!

It could totes be you... Go do it HERE, pretty please? (with sugar on top?)

Happy weekend everyone!


simmi5 said... [Reply]

Oh, I'm glad my nominee mani made it. I really love that one and the sentiment behind it. Of course. Daisy was such a cute sugar-faced Golden.

Toni Anne Berman said... [Reply]

Awwww, well I truly had to pick from a "hat" really just a pile, lol because I couldn't decide what to do! lol Everyone will get picked, just a matter of which week! I only have 2 ppl in the line up now! :(

Norma Janeway said... [Reply]

Love Kathy's work...such an inspiration.

goldensonly said... [Reply]

Wonderful choice this week!!! Love those manis!!!!

Gramma Kathy said... [Reply]

Thank you! Miss Daisy was the sweetest dog on four paws! We loved her to the moon and back! So fitting that my tribute to her, gave this mani a tribute! The 'fruit stripes' mani was a challenge, but it turned out great. Diagonal stripes were easy, but applying the striping tape was time consuming prior to the black overcoat!

Toni Anne Berman said... [Reply]

@Norma Janeway
I agree completely, Norma! :)
Me too! :) There were quite a few others we could have picked, too!
@Gramma Kathy
Yay! You figured out your google! :) Daisy sounds like she was an amazing dog... I'm glad she had an extra little tribute today with you mani on the blog!
The "fruit stripes" is def one of my faves! hehe I haven't forgotten it, it's been bookmarked since you posted it! ;)

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