I missed it!

I was going to start "Mombo Monday" yesterday, where I intend to post pictures of my mombo's mani's from the week, but I wasn't thinking straight I guess and totally spaced on it! lol  So I guess I will save it for another day since I already planned to post some pics of my mani today!  Nothing too exciting, but I have pictures and that's something at least! haha

I used Nicole by OPI "Me+Blue" again on this one because I am completely in LOVE with this polish!  I love the glitter, I love the formula, I love the new brush they have, I just think it is all over amazing! If it matched everything I owed, I may wear it everyday! haha  I also used Nicole by OPI "Not a Gold Bigger" for the accent dots!
There you have them!  I am off to fold laundry, watch "Pretty Little Liars" and then get to bed because my booty can't seem to wake up to an alarm for anything lately! :( I am sick of racing around every morning! lol!

Toni Anne

Nail Addict Giveaway

The lovely Esmeheredia over at Nail Addict has an awesome giveaway happening at the moment!  I'll admit, I only found her blog because someone posted that she had a giveaway. BUT, her blog is quite great!  She's such a sweetheart, too! :) You should check out her blog and enter her giveaway! She's got tutorials, swatches, lots of mani's and more! Super fun! :)
Enter my 100 Follower Giveaway

Rain... I don't mind

Soooo I took this rainy, gloomy day and updated my blog because I wasn't liking the whole "left sided" thang I had going on! lol So I did that, plus we (meaning me and my husband, Davin, since the kids didn't do much helping) cleaned out the den closet as we are remodeling the main bathroom this week.  Actually my father-in-law and brother-in-law are doing it for us since we will be working while it is going down, lol, but I am not looking forward to being without my own shower for the entire week!  The only other bathroom we have is just a half bath. School starts next week, so they are going to try and get it done before then so we don't have any issues with that! Eek!I am already nervous!  We still have to clean out the cabinet in the bathroom and get the rest of the stuff from the closet off of the den floor, but it's almost dinner time so I thought I would hop on here for a quickie post!

I'm hoping I will have time to get some polish on my nails tonight, because they are totes neked right now and that is just abnormal! I hate it! :P

Anywho, let me know what you think of the "new look" of the blog pretty please? Is it easier to read? Nicer to look at? What's the scoopage?

Toni Anne


It is HOT outside today!! It's almost 90, it's the end of August, and it's Wisconsin! What is going on? It just isn't right! lol  I was looking forward to sweatshirt and jeans weather by now!  

That isn't why I am posting though, the reason I am posting this afternoon is because I was playing around on the internet on Pinterest, and then on YouTube, and Facebook, and reading my fave blogs... and then I decided I was going to find the best ways to clean up the polish around my nails after I paint them since I am still not great at doing that. At the moment I am cleaning my cuticles up with an orange stick dipped in acetone. It definitely works, but it is time consuming! I found a YouTube video that I thought I would share just in the event that any of my readers (I know there are so very few of you, but maybe there will be more someday) had the same issue as I have!


This video was posted by Mary from "A Love Tart" and she can be found on YouTube and she also has an awesome Blog! You should definitely check both of those out for more great tips and info!

So in other exciting news, I am still waiting for fun stuff to arrive in the mail!
Currently the mail man is supposed to be bringing in the coming days or weeks:
A package from Zoya
A package from E.L.F
A package from SneakPeeq
Two packages from Copious

I can't wait!!!! I will show you my goodies when they get here! hehe

Hope you are all having a spectacular weekend!! I am off to play with my nails now, hopefully they will turn out well enough to take pics for you!!! :)

Toni Anne

Giveaway Time!

I've got some giveaways for you all to enter! ;)  Here's what I have for you today:

Over at Never Enough Nails you can get in the running for her 3 favorite China Glaze polishes!

Next up, a new baby girl was born! Gabrielle came into this world a happy, healthy and adorable little girl and her mommy over at Luv My Lacquer is giving away a bottle of Zoya "Gabrielle" in honor of her little girl!

This is the LAST DAY to enter this one at Sekhmet's Purple Castle! So if you are reading this after Friday the 24th, you are outta luck, sorry!  She's got a LOT of polish's in this prize package, so I hope you got in there before the deadline!

I am not feeling so hot tonight, so that's about all I have for you!  I just had to make sure I got these giveaways out! ;)

Toni Anne :)

Safety Dance!

Yeah, I know, I need to figure out some better post titles than song titles! haha I just get songs stuck in my head and I can't help it!!!

Oh! Want to hear something really cool? I had my first ever blog post link to my blog today!  Gwen over at A Little Unhinged (who is a total sweetheart, and I am fully certain we would be great friends IRL, lol) linked up to me in her post today! I was so excited when I got an email from her today letting me know! :) You should check her out, too! If you like me, you'll probably like her too! 

So I have been wearing the same mani for 3 days now (see a few posts below for my current mani featuring Sinful Colors "Rain Storm" and Nicole by OPI "Me+Blue"). So today I am going to show you a couple awesome ones that my Mombo (yes, that is what I call my mom, I have called her that for many, many years haha) has done. 

First up is what she is currently sporting today!

 China Glaze "Something Sweet"
and Laser Stripes

You can click on the photo to see it larger! 

Here's another awesome mani she did!!
 China Glaze "Foxy" topcoated with Spectraflair to make it holo
then stamped with Nfu Oh "61" (silver holographic)

How rockin is that??

My Mombo seriously rocks out her nails like mad, doesn't she?? Speaking of her nails, she has amazing faux nails. haha In fact, I have always been completely weirded out by fake nails and hated that she just HAD to have fake nails all the time.  Then she got these so called "amazing, special, fancy, custom, blah, blah.." nails and I thought she was losing it. UNTIL I saw them! Wow! I sort of wished I didn't my own fantastic set of nice real nails! haha I really love her fake nails! They are AH-MAZE-BALLS! The website says this "custom fit finger nail that is guaranteed to never break, chip, crack, change shape or stain and will last your lifetime!"
Anywho... if you want to know what I'm talking about, you should check them out at Custom Nail Solutions (and if you order some, could you maybe tell them that you heard about them from my Mombo, Diane Graham, and maybe I'll get an extra nail polish for Christmas or something?!? haha Only if you want to tell them her name, lol, she does NOT know I am doing this!)

Okay, that was not supposed to be an advertisement, I don't even have fake nails they are totes my own! Sorry about that... I just get excited about them because my moms nails look so nice!

So that's all for now, I have to get to watching Big Brother, it's double eviction night! ahhhhh! (I'm such a nerd, I know)

Toni Anne :)

Fantastic Voyage!

A beauty blog hop, too cool!  Never heard of one before, but I am totes in!
Beauty Blog Hop


Is anybody out there? If there is, I am going to tell you how super pumped I am about the deal I got at TJ Maxx today! First off, I don't have a TJ Maxx in my town. I had to go to Green Bay for systems training for work (we are going through a conversion in October, so we are getting ready and have lots of training going on.. it's all craziness). So instead of eating lunch, Idecided to take a little shopping trip! haha! Why not? It's not often I have the chance to scour TJ Maxx for nail polish!  I got there and searched the store and there was none to be found.  So I saw a woman in the makeup section stocking lotions and asked her. It was my lucky day as her response was "Oh sure! I just got a box in, go for it! Dig through it all you want!" It wasn't a large box, but I did get 4 bottle of Nicole by OPI for $16! SCORE! ;)
L to R: 
Me + Blue, Denim to Earth, One Last Lonely Glitter and Not a Gold Bigger

Do you have any of these? Are there more I should snatch up? I REALLY LOVE this Me + You, the glitter is AWESOME! I wish all my glitters were like this!

Of course I had to try at least one of them out! 
Here is what I did! (I apologize for the crappy pic, it's from my phone, give me a little time to get better lighting and all that jazz)
Sinful Colors "Rain Storm"
Nicole by OPI "Me + Blue" on tips and Accent nail
Topcoat Seche Vite
That's all for tonight! Hope you all had a great Monday! I'll be back tomorrow with a list of giveaways that are happening so far this week! ;)

Toni Anne :)

Triple giveaway!!

 Polish Infatuated has a TRIPLE GIVEAWAY going on for her 2nd blog anniversary! 
There are some superb prizes up for grabs (even a mystery box!) and if you go to this link RIGHT HERE you can find the link to all three giveaways!!
So get your booties over there and get in on the action! :)

Toni Anne :)

Indie polish giveaway!

Totally rockin! Over at Manicurator, you can enter to win indie polishes in THIS CONTEST!
Go check this one out, too, but leave room for me to win my first ever Indie polish, ok? Lol ;)

Another giveaway!

Criminal Nails has a giveaway for her 100 followers!! I hope I get to 100 someday! I will totes have a giveaway, too! Yeah, that would rock! :) 
<insert daydreaming here>
So, yeah.. back to the giveaway.. GO HERE and follow the blog, and enter the giveaway!  It is open internationally and she has some awesome polishes up for grabs with this one, I haven't even heard of them (Flormar) and I would love to rock them out! Anyone would be lucky to snatch them up with this win!
Good luck!

Toni Anne :)

Giveaway Alert!!!

Valentine Kisses
There is a giveaway for some awesome eyeshadows on the Valentine Kisses blog!  Crystal reviewed them HERE and they look amazing! I would love to have them all to myself, but I will share the chance to win with you! ;)  lol  BUT, I still want to win! Head on over, check out Crystal's blog and enter to win while you're at it! :) 

Toni Anne :)

Abra abra cadabra

I want to reach out and grab ya
Abra abra cadabra
I love that song... Sorry if it's stuck in your head now, too! ;)
Anyway, I was checking out the nail polish at shopko today, and ran across some wet n wild polishes I haven't seen...

They are quite obvi out for Halloween, but I thought they were totes adorable and had to grab them up! I don't know if there are more colors than this, but this was all they had! Can't wait to try them out! Especially the black and purple! Haha!

I'm outtie for now! ;)



A winner? Check out this awesome contest that is happening over at Hello there, Blondie!

Sharon has some great prizes up for grabs and there will be 3 winners, so head over and do it up! ;)

Toni Anne

I want it that way....

I totes did some blog updating today like a mad woman!!! I hope people like it because I made all the graphics myself and I worked on it for HOURS! LOL! It was "Lazy Sunday" and I took advantage of it by being lazy with the computer! ;)

Also, I had my first comment from a blogger of a blog I follow! Yay! I know that sounds silly, but it was exciting and I LOVED it!! Lara's blog is on my sidebar, but you should check it out because she was my first blogger commenter! ;) For The Love of Beauty By Lara  Thanks again for stopping by, Lara! hehe

Not too much new on the nail front! I somehow managed to scrape the side of my thumb and rip my cuticle and MAN does it HURT! :( Ouchie! I can't believe I used to rip and bite at my fingers like that for SO many years! I guess I am past that point because the pain threshold is back and when I took my polish off yesterday I thought I may pass out! Eek! So right now my nails are bare! For reals! For the first time in months!

Other than that, I *did* order my FIRST Zoya polish! I got it through Copious and I can't wait until it gets here so I can finally try out a Zoya polish for myself and see what all the hype is about! ;)

Speaking of copious... if you haven't already, head on over to THIS LINK and get your free $10 credit!! I just LOVE getting free nail polish! Especially since I got a free bottle of Zoya! haha

Anyone else seriously crushing on the new China Glaze Bohemian Collection? Look at this gorgeousness... I want them all! I wish I could by these in town! :(

Okay that's it for tonight! I will leave you with this, cuz it cracks me up! lol

The one where I actually told people!

Okay, here you are and here I am. I told you to come - did you? Lol Please feel free to leave suggestions about what you'd love to see here on the blog, hate to see on the blog, etc. I'm pretty much open to anything and since I'm just starting it... What better way to do it than to find out what potential readers what to read/see?
So, hit me with your best shot, fire away! (yep, totally singing right now! Lol)

The one where I'm trying a mobile post!

Just checking to see how this works from my phone!
Wondering how it works with a photo, and how it looks when it's posted. Also, I want to see what it looks like from my phone! ;)
I can't wait to get this up and going how I want it! I think I'm going to feature blogs, because there are some ah-mazing bloggers out there that everyone should be aware of. Also maybe spotlight Indie polish lines?
Again, I'm open to suggestions! ;)

The one where I am on pain killers...

Just a quick HI because it's just the first post on the blog and I am just doing it to get it started! lol I am on pain killers for this darn "dry socket" I have and I am in between naps. I have wanted to start a blog for a while now because it something I love to do and haven't had much to blog about the past few years. Nail polish is definitely THE thing blog about though! I am addicted, obsessed and in LOVE with it! ;) Thanks, Mombo!
So, once I get the blog straightened out the way I want it, I will post things I love, hate, want, deals and steals and all that jazz! Yay!

Feel free to leave comments and ideas for me, I would love to hear what you have to say!