Swatched! Maya Cosmetics: Surly, Sugar Rush and Hyperbole!

I have some ah-mazing polishes to show you today from Maya Cosmetics!  Every polish I have from Maya Cosmetics is of superb quality and I have nothing but wonderful things to say about them.
I am warning you in advance, the pictures this time around are not up to par with my normal photos. For some reason I was having issues with my camera and lighting. I am going to make a lightbox and buy another light before I do swatches again because I was just not happy with the consistency of these. I took about 50 pictures, and of those 50, these were the only ones I could post because the rest were totally not the right color. I am so mad! Especially since I used my Nikon D40 DSLR... grrrr!  Anyway... on to the polish! ;)

First up is Sugar Rush!  Sugar Rush is a micro and small satin/matte pastel pink, hot pink, and white glitters in a sheer pink base.  I opted to put 2 coats over a white base because I wanted it to be very pink! I totes love how it turned out! It kind of reminded me of being a kid and drinking strawberry Quik! Do you remember that delicious strawberry milk? It went on much smoother than it looks like it would and it has a great gritty look without being super rough.  I used one coat of seche vite and that made it shiny and smooth as can be! Pink perfection! You can pick Sugar Rush up now for $8.00, but prices are going up in February to $9.50, so pick them up before the jump! ;)


Next up is Surly! Surly is my fave of the bunch this time, because dark polishes are totes my style! ;) This is described as a dark purple/grey with a fuschia/pink shimmer. I wore this mani to work with grey dress slacks, a purple blouse and a grey sweater. Perfect! I tried SO hard to get the shimmer to show in the pictures, but my camera and lighting just did not want to cooperate for me, it is just gorgeous! This is almost a one coat polish, but I used two coats just to get a nice thick coat with lots of shimmer. Under the lights at work this polish was workin it's magic for sure!  Perfect formula, dried fast, no issues at all. Love!
Definitely pick this one up before the price jump in February if you are a fan of shimmers or greys! You won't regret Surly at all!


Last but not least is Hyperbole!  From my understanding, Hyperbole is a re-release, but it's slightly different than it was previously. It is described as pink, orange, chartreuse, blue glitters in a sheer blue base. Very fun is how I describe it! lol This is just two coats, I could have done another, but I didn't want to overload on the glitter and I already had a pretty good amount in just two coats.  I didn't really have to place it either, just a few near the base of my nail. I also love to use blue polish even though I don't own many blue items of clothing... so many times I just wear it with white. With all the fun colors here I could wear it a lot!  I also don't have many sheer colored base polishes, and I can still see my nail line, but that's alright with me. I know I could remedy that with a base coat if need be. This polish is great and the glitter is so fun! I am loving glitters like this lately so I am all over it. It's $8.00 until January 31st, so run and pick up Hyperbole now! ;) It will still be available after the 31st, but it will be $9.50 after the 31st.

Whew!  That was so much fun! I love swatching polish! My cuticles probably don't love it so much, haha, but I sure do! ;)
Maya Cosmetics also had some other awesome polishes that were newly released this month including Greyscale, Graceless Lady, Flyin' Solo and MORE!!! You really just need to browse the shop, because there is tons of smokin hot polish up in there! In fact, I am off to browse right now!


*Polishes in this post were provided to me for swatching and all opinions are my own. Please see "Info" tab for full disclaimer.


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