Mombo Monday!!

I'm back!! Mombo Monday today and tomorrow I will be back again with some swatches of some awesome new releases from Maya Cosmetics! I wanted to post them Sunday, but after swatching, taking pictures, not being happy with lighting and then ultimately with the pictures, and putting the watermarks on it was 10:00pm by the time I was finished. :( So Tuesday is the day.  Although I did put them up on facebook! ;)

I wanted to mention that it seems like some people that come to the blog think the Mombo Monday mani's are mine... understandable if you just look and don't read I guess. But I want Mombo to get credit for her mani's! Maybe this will help? I found this cute pic of me and my Mombo from the Bon Jovi concert we went to in 2011. Pay no attention to the guy in the background, we were snapping pics like crazy he was probably talking about the crazy ladies in front of them! haha
Mombo and me! :)

So back to the matter at hand!  Mombo Monday has been missed and I am excited to be back with my fun nod to my Mombo! She had a lot to choose from over the past few weeks I have missed, so here are 3 for you all today! :)

First up is another ah-mazing water marble! Mombo can still rock it out! ;) hehe
She used Butter London Bossy Boots and OPI -Uh Oh Roll Down The Window. (That name is hilarious!)
Love the green and the trippy drippy water marble swoops! hehe

This was Mombo's New Years mani, and she called this a fail?!? She cray-cray! I love this!
Julep Michelle, one coat of Orly Shine On Crazy Diamond, and used the firework image from MM02 with Studio M Magic Attraction
I think this looks totes awesome! Like fireworks! Love!!!

Last but not least, another fricking awesome water marble! I need to practice so I can try to catch up to her highness! LOL  This was before Christmas, hence the Christmas colors...
Essie Forever Yummy and Sinful Rise and Shine; over white base
I love my Mombo! Although, she is the one to blame for my nail polish obsession. The reason that I spent almost every penny of my Christmas money on nail polish. The reason I have 3 shelves of polish filled and no room for another so now my desk now has polish lined up all over it as well. She is the reason I have to continuously buy nail polish remover and acetone, orange sticks, cuticle oil, hand cream, etc.. haha I still love her to pieces.  Ask my hubby if he still loves her as much and you may get a different answer! HAHA! (Just kidding, he doesn't blame you at all, he only blames me! He's such a brat!) Anyway... I'm glad Mombo Monday is back and I hope you all are too! ;)

Have a great week everyone!



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