Mombo Monday **Special Edition - Road Trip**

It's Mombo Monday time! This week it's a special edition because Mombo and I took a road trip with Cara aka Fox Claws and Dani from our Nail Group to do some shopping in Racine, WI! So besides seeing some fabulous nail pics from Mombo, you also get a few fun pics from the road trip! ;)

I just want to say that when Dani first posted that there was a store with Kleancolor polish 5 for $3.99 I was totes jealous and immediately thought ROAD TRIP! When I posted: "Cara, should we take a road trip this weekend?" I did not expect that it would actually happen, but I am SO happy it did! We had sooooo much fun! Once Cara, Dani and I were in and Dani had found the store and place to meet, I called Mombo and she was "pondering" the idea. That didn't take long though and she was in shortly after. Mombo picked me up, then we picked Cara up and talked like maniacs the whole way to the mall. Then we were like teenagers in the mall with the polish, not to mention messing around in Claire's (which you see below in the pics). Such a blast, I would do it again tomorrow if I could, minus the 40-50 mph wind gusts the entire drive that made Mombo's arms and hands hurt!

We all got lots of goodies. Mombo ended up with 50 bottles of polish! Dani and Cara didn't get quite as many bottles as we did, but Cara did clean out Burlington of the peppermint bark that was left! haha  I had a total count of 27 bottles. I also got a new coat, 2 sweaters, a pair of shoes 5 bottles of scented polish for my daughter (not counted in my 27), and some random stuff like polish remover, cotton balls, etc.

Here's some pics and then some awesome mani's! :)

Road Trip Mani's!
(L) Cara, (Top) Me, (R) Mombo, (Bottom) Dani

Being goofy in Claire's!
(L to R) Dani, Me, Cara aka Fox Claws

(L to R) Dani, Mombo, Cara aka Fox Claws

Onto Mombo's Mani's!! :)
Layla Flash Black stamped with "10" Professional The Little Black Dress - DRK-A
This is what she wore on our road trip, Love it!

Stamped with Hits Mari Moon Unconventional over Metro Too Chic
I love that stamp and the colors are super pretty! Great with her skin tones, too!

Mentality Antisocial stamped and mattified! This looks great matte, doesn't it?  I love the look!  This polish is SO hard to remove though, oh my goodness is it a pain in the buns! lol A good one for that glue trick for sure! ;)

So that's the Mombo Monday special edition! I hope you liked this weeks goofy pics from the road trip!
Have a great week!



Diane Graham said... [Reply]

SO fun, but I was SO tired yesterday! Someday those pics are going to come back to haunt us.
Love you, Punk!

Toni Anne Berman said... [Reply]

@Diane Graham
hahaha! Probably! It was a blast though, I am so glad we went!

The Fox said... [Reply]

LOL!! They are totally haunting me already! ;)

Toni Anne Berman said... [Reply]

@The Fox
rofl!! I wish I could eat them, I love them, dammit!

Toni Anne Berman said... [Reply]

@The Fox Oh you meant the pictures, LMAO!! I thought you meant the candy, hahahaha! OMG what a totally blonde moment, good thing I am not blonde, right? Can you imagine? ha!

Danielle Doucette Hayes said... [Reply]

Why am I just now seeing this?????? I had sooo much fun on our litte excursion!!! I'm ready to do it again :o)

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