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Mombo Monday!

Last Mombo Monday of January 2013 already? Sheesh! This month just flew right on by. It's just about time for all those fancy red and pink, lovey-dovey heart filled Valentine's day manicures! hehe  For now though, I have some more awesome manis done by the amazing Mombo, aka my mom! ;) I keep seeing her nails all over the place and I get so excited "those are my Mom's nails!" But sometimes there is no credit to my mom (and yes, sometimes it is her own fault for not watermarking her older photos) and that just makes my blood boil a bit. Still, it's exciting that people are also in love with my Mombo's nails! lol  Anyway.... here are some more to drool over! ;)

Fricking fan-tabulous!  Love this!  She used Orly Space Cadet, Konad Black and stamped with DRK-A

The new OPI Liquid Sand Get Your Number  I just loooooove the look of this!! I know I don't normally show her manis of just one color, but I had to show this because I heart it so much! haha  Plus, how great does it look on those Custom Nail Solution nails??

Yet another FAB water marble! Argh! (No, I'm not a pirate, lol) Love the color on this marble, and the swirlies!  She used SH White, Sinful Colors Amethyst and China Glaze Light as Air
Why the $@#%* can't mine do this? I am just blaming it on the temperature in the house. ;) haha

I don't think I will be around much this week as there has been a death in my husband's family and both of my kids are in separate productions, one play and one musical and both have practices all week after work times. My son has the lead in his musical and his schedule will keep us quite busy running around and my daughter's play is actually wrapping up soon.  It is now almost to dress rehearsal so that makes it quite busy since it's wrapping up all the loose ends and the long practice times start, too! Yuck!

Anyway... I want to get some of my mani pics up, too, as soon as my gross dry cuticles become ungross! LOL  For now, I wish you all an amazing week!



Polish Makes Me Happy said... [Reply]

Beautiful manis by your Mom! So sorry for the loss in your family.... and good luck to the kiddos... you ARE busy!!!!!!!!

Cat said... [Reply]

I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger award! Find out the rules at catsclawspolish.blogspot.com!

illy said... [Reply]

I love your mother's manis and nails :)

My nail polish blog nails-and-more.blogspot.com

PolishJunkie said... [Reply]

I've nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award go to http://polishjunkie8.blogspot.com/2013/04/liebster-blog-award.html to see rules, etc.

PolishJunkie said... [Reply]

I've also nominated you for the Best Blog award! go to http://polishjunkie8.blogspot.com/2013/04/best-blog-award.html for details.

Portfolio de Patricia García - UNED 2014 said... [Reply]

Hi, I just met your blog and I love, your photographs are beautiful! so I'm following you!, good luck in your projects and lots of kisses and hugs! I invite you to stop by my blog if you fancy following me!

Vanessa Mercado said... [Reply]

Great post! I'm your new follower! I hope to see you in my blog sometimes. Thanks! :) Kisses from VV!!

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